Little Aadya.

This city has changed me and my perspectives in many forms. I was a little girl who almost ran away from the hometown, in search of identity, fame-to an extent and majorly to prove my instinct. As a kid, I had several aims unlike the ambitious kids around me. At a pretty early age, I [...]


Love again showed its strange ways, By unusually waking her up at night. When he pulled her more closer to his chest, And even in deep slumber, he uttered her name! This shook her with an eerie feeling which she never felt before, A beautiful amalgamate of gratefulness and blush. She shyly let him pull [...]

A Quest.

Aadya was pretty young since she started working as a freelancer. More than studies she liked to work as work were more of a learning than going through those thick theory books. Also, it was a chance for her to be independent. Though she never worked for earning and becoming rich but this formed a [...]

Mysterious Turns Of Life!

Life often takes mysterious turns, few days, you are all happy and certain days, you just feel suicidal. You get bored with the mundane routine, during these days, even holidays seems boring. Aadya has been through these days too like you. Being surrounded by various kinds of people, monotony was never an issue for her. [...]

Not Another Engineer!

There is a stigma revolving around the society that if a child loves Biology in his high school, he will be a doctor and if he loves Mathematics then engineering is his way to go. This may sound simple as kids but when we grow-up and find out that this way isn’t easy at all, [...]