A Quest.

Aadya was pretty young since she started working as a freelancer. More than studies she liked to work as work were more of a learning than going through those thick theory books. Also, it was a chance for her to be independent. Though she never worked for earning and becoming rich but this formed a … More A Quest.

Potterhead Aadya!

Aadya always had a strong attachment towards animals and they fascinated her. She was often mocked by many of her friends that being a non-vegetarian how can she claim to love animals? This is how Aadya is; she loved anything and everything that she was introduced to. Out of all the animals, the one she … More Potterhead Aadya!

Some ‘Me’ Time.

Travelling back to her office, she always had several questions in her mind. This was her favorite time of the day. Aadya was all by her in the cab and that was the perfect time for to ponder over the uncertainties of life. Today morning, she wondered about nature- the mighty, unrivaled yet so generous. … More Some ‘Me’ Time.

The Little Aaadya.

Aadya was never a bright student at school. More than bright, she was never interested in academics. She was a wanderer and her mind was constantly in motion. Though she always knew that there was something bigger and better waiting for her. Aadya was yet to figure out that ‘something.’ Slowly, pretty slowly she was … More The Little Aaadya.

Little Aadya.

This city has changed me and my perspectives in many forms. I was a little girl who almost ran away from the hometown, in search of identity, fame-to an extent and majorly to prove my instinct. As a kid, I had several aims unlike the ambitious kids around me. At a pretty early age, I … More Little Aadya.