Cuddle and Love.


That was a sunny noon in the mid of April, when she decided to express her feelings to him. He awaited for this moment since the first day he met her. Her eyes appealed to him the most. So did her smile and her neck and her hair and her everything. She loved the fact that after meeting a number of wrong people, she finally met her prince. Price charming.

They weren’t flawless but just fit like jigsaw puzzles. He told that he is a nice man and she is a pretty lady and that would be enough. Though she always doubted it. She was scarred, ruined and shattered by her previous experiences. She knew that even he would run away promising her a to show heaven on earth. But she wasn’t a damsel in distress. She was a proper woman. An independent woman. Who knew that a man is a man and not a financial plan.

On the other hand he was everything a woman wants her man to be. With his love, care and a lot of attention, he won her heart. They finally were a couple and lot changed after that. A few days ago, they completed seven months of their beautiful relation. But is all going to stay the same after this?

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Antara Nandy.


Some of us.

We all are in the same hell,
Dealing with different devils.
Our life is a game,
We are just at different levels.
We all are from the same gutter,
Some of us dwell and some of us, decide to flutter.
Sky is the limit, they say,
But few of us are just timid today.

Keep your cool, chatters are just for fools.
Enormous strength lies within you,
Discover and create yourself anew.
A failure, a fall, is to be left behind.
As they say, it’s all in the mind.

Antara Nandi.


How exciting this word can be? Love!! I know all of us have been through this wonderful experience. When the world turns pink. Or we start seeing the world through our pink glasses. Beautiful feeling, isn’t it? But how many times can one fall in love? How many times can we go through the same emotions?
Trust me, infinite times. I have fallen in love infinite times. Not only with the opposite gender but with every tiny thing I have seen. World is filled with alot of hatred. Then why not let’s redefine love? Why not be in this beautiful feeling not only for sometime but forever? Every person has atleast one quality that we don’t. Why don’t we stop hating for all the wrong stuff and start loving for that one good quality? Why don’t we take only the good from a person?
And before falling in love with someone else, why don’t we fall in love with ourselves first? Everyone of us, please accept, have something that we don’t like that maybe a flaw or a tiny thing like scar. Love your flaws. You are God’s beloved child. Embrace your flaws. Be proud of them. They don’t make you ugly. They make you more beautiful. Don’t shy away because of them. Just be confident and watch them being unnoticed. Make mistakes and learn from them. Grow. Never stop growing. Never stop learning. Never be ashamed of yourself. You are a masterpiece.
Love is very strong emotion. Love changes so much. Love can move mountains. Love is patient. Love is giving. And true love is irreplaceable and chaste. Love is again of different types. Please comment below if you want me to write more.

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Antara Nandi.

How to maintain a healthy relationship.

Being in a relationship is the most beautiful feeling. Being in love is another one. But alas!! All of us certainly do some mistakes which ruins a perfect relationship. Hey!! No worries!! Here is damseldrudge to help you out!! Let’s begin.

1.Self respect : Only if you respect yourself then you can respect your partner. Your self respect also draws a boundary for both of you. Your self respect will make sure that you don’t settle for anything less and your partner will respect you more because of that.

2.Respect your partner: You both are two different individuals working as a single unit. Just because they don’t think like you in few topics that doesn’t mean they are insane or below your intellectual levels. Understand that he or she may have a different perspective depending on the situation they have come from. So just try to understand what they are trying to convey without interrupting them or getting angry.

3.Support them: Sometimes all we need is someone’s trust on us. And if that support comes from your loved one then nothing can be more encouraging. Failures are inevitable. And failures can knock us down. Be there when they are down and shattered. They will be thankful to you later. Always try to be their pillar of strength. Be the one with whom they are comfortable sharing their thoughts with. Never judge them. Remember that there are ups and downs in everyone’s life.

4.Trust your partner: A lot of your relationship depends on this word. Trust. Learn to your trust your partner. No matter what other people tell just trust him. You were in this relationship because you wanted to be not because people asked you to. Try not to doubt them.
5.Work as a team: Like I mentioned earlier that you both are two different individuals working as a unit. Work for each other not against each other. Be the couple who is an inspiration for others. Do what both of you think is the best. Have your options open.

Love each other like there is no tomorrow. Love is all about respecting, trusting and understanding each other. Love is irreplaceable. So here are few tips by which you can maintain a healthy relationship.

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Antara Nandi.

How to deal with a break up.

We all have been through this bad phase of life called break up. During this phase we go through a lot of emotional and physical turmoils. But hey!! There is a silver lining to every cloud. Let’s go through a few tips to over come with difficult phase like break up.

1.Get at peace with yourself: Accept that the relationship has ended. He or she will not get back to you. Stop waiting for a message or a call from them. Most probably, they must have moved on in their life and doing better stuff. Why do you want to be a sore loser and waste your precious time?


2.Hang out with your friends



s: Friends at the most avoided beings when you are in the glorious phase of your relationship. But friends don’t break up. They have always been through all your ups and downs. Pour out all your emotions to a confidant. This will make you feel better.

3.Maintain a diary: If you don’t have anyone to share your feelings with then write them down. Maintain a record of what you are going through. Try and write down positive thoughts and quotes. Refer to them when you are gloomy and thinking about them. Write down how it feels being single again. What all did you miss when you were in a relationship? Write down the perks of being single and being in dema



4.Take out time for yourself: There was always something you wanted to do when you were in a relation but should not do because they didn’t like it. So, now go ahead and do that. Find out any new hobby. That maybe any form of cooking, dancing, art or music. Anything that doesn’t require a screen Surround yourself with positive energy. Meet new friends. And indulge yourself in all the good stuff around you.

5.Physical fitness: To come out of the depression, we take in a lot of chocolates and fast food because of which we gain a lot of weight. Go to gym. Dp some cardio exercises and feel good about your newly foun


d self.

6.Be ready to fall in love again: Love doesn’t happen once. Time heals everything. Something good is always going to happen. Trust me, miracles happen. Keep your eyes wide open. Maybe you just found the right person. And love is an exciting feeling. Wouldn’t you love falling in love again?


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Antara Nandi.