How to deal with a break up.

We all have been through this bad phase of life called break up. During this phase we go through a lot of emotional and physical turmoils. But hey!! There is a silver lining to every cloud. Let’s go through a few tips to over come with difficult phase like break up.

1.Get at peace with yourself: Accept that the relationship has ended. He or she will not get back to you. Stop waiting for a message or a call from them. Most probably, they must have moved on in their life and doing better stuff. Why do you want to be a sore loser and waste your precious time?


2.Hang out with your friends



s: Friends at the most avoided beings when you are in the glorious phase of your relationship. But friends don’t break up. They have always been through all your ups and downs. Pour out all your emotions to a confidant. This will make you feel better.

3.Maintain a diary: If you don’t have anyone to share your feelings with then write them down. Maintain a record of what you are going through. Try and write down positive thoughts and quotes. Refer to them when you are gloomy and thinking about them. Write down how it feels being single again. What all did you miss when you were in a relationship? Write down the perks of being single and being in dema



4.Take out time for yourself: There was always something you wanted to do when you were in a relation but should not do because they didn’t like it. So, now go ahead and do that. Find out any new hobby. That maybe any form of cooking, dancing, art or music. Anything that doesn’t require a screen Surround yourself with positive energy. Meet new friends. And indulge yourself in all the good stuff around you.

5.Physical fitness: To come out of the depression, we take in a lot of chocolates and fast food because of which we gain a lot of weight. Go to gym. Dp some cardio exercises and feel good about your newly foun


d self.

6.Be ready to fall in love again: Love doesn’t happen once. Time heals everything. Something good is always going to happen. Trust me, miracles happen. Keep your eyes wide open. Maybe you just found the right person. And love is an exciting feeling. Wouldn’t you love falling in love again?


These were few tips to deal with a heart break. If you like it, please like and follow. I will be soon back with another article dealing with some real emotions.
Till then, adios and stay safe and welcome to the clan!! 😊

Antara Nandi.


5 thoughts on “How to deal with a break up.

  1. always remember, “nothing is ultimate (a better thing will surely happen) and nothing is everlasting; so why to worry ?” let the child in you help learning out of everything whether bad or good.

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