How to maintain a healthy relationship.

Being in a relationship is the most beautiful feeling. Being in love is another one. But alas!! All of us certainly do some mistakes which ruins a perfect relationship. Hey!! No worries!! Here is damseldrudge to help you out!! Let’s begin.

1.Self respect : Only if you respect yourself then you can respect your partner. Your self respect also draws a boundary for both of you. Your self respect will make sure that you don’t settle for anything less and your partner will respect you more because of that.

2.Respect your partner: You both are two different individuals working as a single unit. Just because they don’t think like you in few topics that doesn’t mean they are insane or below your intellectual levels. Understand that he or she may have a different perspective depending on the situation they have come from. So just try to understand what they are trying to convey without interrupting them or getting angry.

3.Support them: Sometimes all we need is someone’s trust on us. And if that support comes from your loved one then nothing can be more encouraging. Failures are inevitable. And failures can knock us down. Be there when they are down and shattered. They will be thankful to you later. Always try to be their pillar of strength. Be the one with whom they are comfortable sharing their thoughts with. Never judge them. Remember that there are ups and downs in everyone’s life.

4.Trust your partner: A lot of your relationship depends on this word. Trust. Learn to your trust your partner. No matter what other people tell just trust him. You were in this relationship because you wanted to be not because people asked you to. Try not to doubt them.
5.Work as a team: Like I mentioned earlier that you both are two different individuals working as a unit. Work for each other not against each other. Be the couple who is an inspiration for others. Do what both of you think is the best. Have your options open.

Love each other like there is no tomorrow. Love is all about respecting, trusting and understanding each other. Love is irreplaceable. So here are few tips by which you can maintain a healthy relationship.

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Antara Nandi.


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