How exciting this word can be? Love!! I know all of us have been through this wonderful experience. When the world turns pink. Or we start seeing the world through our pink glasses. Beautiful feeling, isn’t it? But how many times can one fall in love? How many times can we go through the same emotions?
Trust me, infinite times. I have fallen in love infinite times. Not only with the opposite gender but with every tiny thing I have seen. World is filled with alot of hatred. Then why not let’s redefine love? Why not be in this beautiful feeling not only for sometime but forever? Every person has atleast one quality that we don’t. Why don’t we stop hating for all the wrong stuff and start loving for that one good quality? Why don’t we take only the good from a person?
And before falling in love with someone else, why don’t we fall in love with ourselves first? Everyone of us, please accept, have something that we don’t like that maybe a flaw or a tiny thing like scar. Love your flaws. You are God’s beloved child. Embrace your flaws. Be proud of them. They don’t make you ugly. They make you more beautiful. Don’t shy away because of them. Just be confident and watch them being unnoticed. Make mistakes and learn from them. Grow. Never stop growing. Never stop learning. Never be ashamed of yourself. You are a masterpiece.
Love is very strong emotion. Love changes so much. Love can move mountains. Love is patient. Love is giving. And true love is irreplaceable and chaste. Love is again of different types. Please comment below if you want me to write more.

Till then, adios!! Stay safe and welcome to the clan. ☺

Antara Nandi.


One thought on “Love!!

  1. first and foremost i congratulate Antara Nandy for effortlessly bringing out the importance of love, specificaly loving yourself first. if one wants the world to love you, the the oneself must be able to fall in love with his/her own self. i have fallen in love with myself over and over again. once you master the art og loving, you start loving almost everything you come across in your life. i even would like to take it a level further, since all the things in the universe are made up of atoms and molecules only, falling in love with the living and non living thigs should be eaually possible. i love my bike and may not like it to be parked in the harsh sun. but i may like it to enjoy the first showers of the monsoon. i may give it a pat or two after my long ride for getting me safe home after her tiring ride.

    this love philosophy also helps one overcome of losing the loved ones, i know my late parents are there in some form and i still am in love with them forever. start falling in love from today, and you will never find time to even think of hating someone/some thing.


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