A cheeky teenager steps into the exciting world of college and something happens that turns her world around. Love, the most beautiful feeling, ruined her, destroyed her and turned her to ashes. Falling in love with a person who was ages older to her was the grave mistake she committed. Her family was shattered, broken … More Ashes.

Adulthood Blues.

No one is ever old to be a child again. I have seen people being hardened over the years because of the bad experiences they had. Losing all the confidence, all the energy they had once, just because they had  few bad luck or failures. What we all forget is that life is an experiment. … More Adulthood Blues.

Strange and Sweet.

Today something really strange happened with me. I don’t live in my native place. I live in a distant place. And I am studying in an university. For every exam we are shuffled with students of other branches. This shuffling is done only once. And for next four years we are supposed to sit in … More Strange and Sweet.