Few loses aren’t really loss.

Her mind was just like water. Flowing in all directions it could, uncontrolled, fearless. Sometimes as calm as silent beautiful waves and sometimes as harsh as high tides. There was no stopping, always in motion, always in motility. There was no in between, either as bold as a tigress or as calm as gentle breeze. That was the aim of her life to be independent, free from shackles. She needed no introduction, she was always the star of her clan. She impressed and attracted people by her charming personality and words. Her words would never end. Infinite love she achieved but this wasn’t enough. She longed for more. Deep down, she felt like an orphan.
She was blessed with a beautiful perfect family. She found her best friend in her sister and a soul sister in her mother. This still wasn’t enough. The child inside her was craving for a Fathers love. No, he wasn’t dead. He was just not present. Mentally. No, he wasn’t a drunkard. He just had his own addiction. Her sister was strong to look over it but she was a stubborn child. She just needed her dad’s love. Eighteen years passed and he never attended a birthday party of hers. Her mom was the cook, the host and everything of her party. Her friends questioned her about her dad’s absence. She was good at making excuses.
She was taunted by her dad for being dark and being poor at mathematics. It bothered her when young. Still does sometimes. Over the years, she has grown and charmed many men. She is beautiful, atleast for her mother. She was blind, she couldn’t see the blessing in disguise. A bad incident in her life and she finally found her dad’s love. She broke up with her ex and was broken. Her mother collected those pieces and put then back in place. Glued them together. Protected her from every accusation of the world. Her mother was her real hero. She found her dad’s love in mother’s love.
She now truly broke the shackles and flew away from the feelings that hurt her, wounded her. She finally discovered the depth of mother’s love. She healed herself and made herself a better person. Her dad still taunts but she laughs at his stupidity now. She is much above all these. She is peaceful and fierce at the same time. This loss wasn’t really a loss, it was a gain.

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Antara Nandy.



A cheeky teenager steps into the exciting world of college and something happens that turns her world around. Love, the most beautiful feeling, ruined her, destroyed her and turned her to ashes. Falling in love with a person who was ages older to her was the grave mistake she committed. Her family was shattered, broken into pieces knowing about her fatal love. She overlooked everything and got arrested into a life time prison. Marriage.

But would this work out? No. She was the princess of her home, she couldn’t endure the hardships of poor life. This resulted to everyday fights and verbal abuses. The abuses that were not only scars, they were skin deep. They were blessed with a curse, a baby boy was born to them. A curse, because, the bread winner couldn’t fulfill their needs neither wanted to. The scars were such that it scarred her entire life and pushed her to the ultimate decision. Suicide. When the enquires took place, the burnt body blamed itself for all the misfortune. Out of these dark clouds, there lied the silver lining, she breathed last on her mother’s lap. Peacefully.

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Antara Nandy.

Life and it’s twists.

How strange and beautiful life can be sometimes? We don’t even know few people personally but still we can go till any limits to help out them. If this isn’t humanity then what is it? And on the other part of the world there is so much of inhumanity going on. Killing of people without any reason. But hey!! Hold. There is a reason. A huge reason. Hatred, intolerance and ego. To show that we are greater than one another. Revenge, greed and jealousy. How pathetic does these words sound? Can’t we spread love? Pure love. Godly love.
I have felt that unconditional love. I immensely value love. I understand that the world is running short of it. Why don’t we just treat others like the way we want them to treat us? Life is simple, we make it complicated. If you miss someone, call them up. If you want something, go get it. If you want to be positive then throw the negativity out.
Spread humanity, spread love. I know, I have told this millions of time but I am hurt and disheartened by the recent activities. I hope, you know what I am talking about. 😊

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Antara Nandy.

Adulthood Blues.

No one is ever old to be a child again. I have seen people being hardened over the years because of the bad experiences they had. Losing all the confidence, all the energy they had once, just because they had  few bad luck or failures. What we all forget is that life is an experiment. Like the experiment we had in our schools. Some experiments go in vain and some raise us to the peaks.
In all these, one should never forget that life is game, sometimes we lose, sometimes we gain. One should never let the child like innocence leave them. Our childhood are the best part of our lives. That carefree attitude, that never say die attitude. All of us must have fell from a bicycle a gazillion of times but if we didn’t start again, then would we ever be able to ride a bicycle? No. As children, most of us were stubborn and that stubbornness was considered to be a brat thing. I tell, no. Be stubborn. If you want to accomplish a task then go ahead. When your parents advised you not to do something, why did you do it then? Why don’t you do something that people tell you can’t do? That’s a different fun when you prove others wrong and raise a step higher in your own eyes.
In all these don’t forget your roots, your values. Don’t do anything that hurts you morally. People often complain that the world is full of bad people then why don’t you be one? If you want to meet a good person then be a good person and meet yourself. Like it is said,to have a good friend, you have to be one. Everyone has a good and a bad wolf in them. It depends which wolf you feed.
All I want to say is that please don’t lose the child in you. If you started something and stopped doing it because of external pressure then ask yourself that why did you even start it in the first place. Stop fear being judged and stop judging. From the dust and din, you have to rise and win.
Trust me guys, we all had bad break ups, parental pressure, dark pasts and  scarred memories. We all have been back stabbed, lost a best friend, failed an examination, had losses in business but in all these did we stop living? Did we stop breathing? Or did the sun rise from west? No. This life is yours. Make it worth it. I would like to end this article with a favorite quote of mine.” If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl but never stop moving forward. ” This quote was told to me by my ex. 😉

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Antara Nandy.

Strange and Sweet.

Today something really strange happened with me. I don’t live in my native place. I live in a distant place. And I am studying in an university. For every exam we are shuffled with students of other branches. This shuffling is done only once. And for next four years we are supposed to sit in the same manner.
I have been sitting beside this girl who is from Naval Architecture and we have become very good friends since last three years. She has been very helpful whenever I ran out of my stationary.
Today was like another exam day, but something surprising happened. Though we were good friends and we are from the same university, I didn’t know her name from past three years. I thought it would be unfriendly if I didn’t ask her name. So, I just took her hall ticket to check out her name!! But hey!! Surprize Surprize!! She is from my native place and we both share the same mother tongue and till sometime ago we were talking in Telugu and English. 😂
And we laughed out so loud after realizing that we both are Bengalis that even the invigilators were staring at us. Amazing isn’t it? In an unknown land, we both were friends from a long time and we didn’t know that we belong from the same land.

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Antara Nandy.