Strange and Sweet.

Today something really strange happened with me. I don’t live in my native place. I live in a distant place. And I am studying in an university. For every exam we are shuffled with students of other branches. This shuffling is done only once. And for next four years we are supposed to sit in the same manner.
I have been sitting beside this girl who is from Naval Architecture and we have become very good friends since last three years. She has been very helpful whenever I ran out of my stationary.
Today was like another exam day, but something surprising happened. Though we were good friends and we are from the same university, I didn’t know her name from past three years. I thought it would be unfriendly if I didn’t ask her name. So, I just took her hall ticket to check out her name!! But hey!! Surprize Surprize!! She is from my native place and we both share the same mother tongue and till sometime ago we were talking in Telugu and English. 😂
And we laughed out so loud after realizing that we both are Bengalis that even the invigilators were staring at us. Amazing isn’t it? In an unknown land, we both were friends from a long time and we didn’t know that we belong from the same land.

Adios till my next post and join the clan. 🙂

Antara Nandy.


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