Adulthood Blues.

No one is ever old to be a child again. I have seen people being hardened over the years because of the bad experiences they had. Losing all the confidence, all the energy they had once, just because they had  few bad luck or failures. What we all forget is that life is an experiment. Like the experiment we had in our schools. Some experiments go in vain and some raise us to the peaks.
In all these, one should never forget that life is game, sometimes we lose, sometimes we gain. One should never let the child like innocence leave them. Our childhood are the best part of our lives. That carefree attitude, that never say die attitude. All of us must have fell from a bicycle a gazillion of times but if we didn’t start again, then would we ever be able to ride a bicycle? No. As children, most of us were stubborn and that stubbornness was considered to be a brat thing. I tell, no. Be stubborn. If you want to accomplish a task then go ahead. When your parents advised you not to do something, why did you do it then? Why don’t you do something that people tell you can’t do? That’s a different fun when you prove others wrong and raise a step higher in your own eyes.
In all these don’t forget your roots, your values. Don’t do anything that hurts you morally. People often complain that the world is full of bad people then why don’t you be one? If you want to meet a good person then be a good person and meet yourself. Like it is said,to have a good friend, you have to be one. Everyone has a good and a bad wolf in them. It depends which wolf you feed.
All I want to say is that please don’t lose the child in you. If you started something and stopped doing it because of external pressure then ask yourself that why did you even start it in the first place. Stop fear being judged and stop judging. From the dust and din, you have to rise and win.
Trust me guys, we all had bad break ups, parental pressure, dark pasts and  scarred memories. We all have been back stabbed, lost a best friend, failed an examination, had losses in business but in all these did we stop living? Did we stop breathing? Or did the sun rise from west? No. This life is yours. Make it worth it. I would like to end this article with a favorite quote of mine.” If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl but never stop moving forward. ” This quote was told to me by my ex. 😉

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Adios amigos till my next article and welcome to the clan. 😊

Antara Nandy.


One thought on “Adulthood Blues.

  1. Adult is nothing but the corrupted, masked, and rather duplicate version of the child who has lost the purity and originality of heart and mind in the so called process of “growing up and getting smarter in the worldly terms”. Throw that “smart” mask away, rediscover the child in yourself, it will surely make the life much more worth living again.


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