Life and it’s twists.

How strange and beautiful life can be sometimes? We don’t even know few people personally but still we can go till any limits to help out them. If this isn’t humanity then what is it? And on the other part of the world there is so much of inhumanity going on. Killing of people without any reason. But hey!! Hold. There is a reason. A huge reason. Hatred, intolerance and ego. To show that we are greater than one another. Revenge, greed and jealousy. How pathetic does these words sound? Can’t we spread love? Pure love. Godly love.
I have felt that unconditional love. I immensely value love. I understand that the world is running short of it. Why don’t we just treat others like the way we want them to treat us? Life is simple, we make it complicated. If you miss someone, call them up. If you want something, go get it. If you want to be positive then throw the negativity out.
Spread humanity, spread love. I know, I have told this millions of time but I am hurt and disheartened by the recent activities. I hope, you know what I am talking about. 😊

Till my next post, adios. Take care and stay safe.
And also, I will try to write more as I am done with my exams.
Welcome to the clan.

Antara Nandy.


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