A cheeky teenager steps into the exciting world of college and something happens that turns her world around. Love, the most beautiful feeling, ruined her, destroyed her and turned her to ashes. Falling in love with a person who was ages older to her was the grave mistake she committed. Her family was shattered, broken into pieces knowing about her fatal love. She overlooked everything and got arrested into a life time prison. Marriage.

But would this work out? No. She was the princess of her home, she couldn’t endure the hardships of poor life. This resulted to everyday fights and verbal abuses. The abuses that were not only scars, they were skin deep. They were blessed with a curse, a baby boy was born to them. A curse, because, the bread winner couldn’t fulfill their needs neither wanted to. The scars were such that it scarred her entire life and pushed her to the ultimate decision. Suicide. When the enquires took place, the burnt body blamed itself for all the misfortune. Out of these dark clouds, there lied the silver lining, she breathed last on her mother’s lap. Peacefully.

Adios till my next article and welcome to the clan. 😊

Antara Nandy.


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