Few loses aren’t really loss.

Her mind was just like water. Flowing in all directions it could, uncontrolled, fearless. Sometimes as calm as silent beautiful waves and sometimes as harsh as high tides. There was no stopping, always in motion, always in motility. There was no in between, either as bold as a tigress or as calm as gentle breeze. That was the aim of her life to be independent, free from shackles. She needed no introduction, she was always the star of her clan. She impressed and attracted people by her charming personality and words. Her words would never end. Infinite love she achieved but this wasn’t enough. She longed for more. Deep down, she felt like an orphan.
She was blessed with a beautiful perfect family. She found her best friend in her sister and a soul sister in her mother. This still wasn’t enough. The child inside her was craving for a Fathers love. No, he wasn’t dead. He was just not present. Mentally. No, he wasn’t a drunkard. He just had his own addiction. Her sister was strong to look over it but she was a stubborn child. She just needed her dad’s love. Eighteen years passed and he never attended a birthday party of hers. Her mom was the cook, the host and everything of her party. Her friends questioned her about her dad’s absence. She was good at making excuses.
She was taunted by her dad for being dark and being poor at mathematics. It bothered her when young. Still does sometimes. Over the years, she has grown and charmed many men. She is beautiful, atleast for her mother. She was blind, she couldn’t see the blessing in disguise. A bad incident in her life and she finally found her dad’s love. She broke up with her ex and was broken. Her mother collected those pieces and put then back in place. Glued them together. Protected her from every accusation of the world. Her mother was her real hero. She found her dad’s love in mother’s love.
She now truly broke the shackles and flew away from the feelings that hurt her, wounded her. She finally discovered the depth of mother’s love. She healed herself and made herself a better person. Her dad still taunts but she laughs at his stupidity now. She is much above all these. She is peaceful and fierce at the same time. This loss wasn’t really a loss, it was a gain.

Adios till my next post. Stay safe!!

Antara Nandy.


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