Correction does much, encouragement does much more.

How many words does it take to encourage someone? How much time does it actually take to praise someone? What does the above quote mean? I have so many personal experiences with this quote. So, I decided to write them down. For us, it may be a few good words but for the people who actually listen to us, they are pearls of words.
I have a friend who is not from an English medium school. As we met in engineering college, it was difficult for her to manage with the professors. I was always appreciated by her because of my speaking skills. They came to me effortlessly as I came from a good English medium school. I come from a Catholic school where discipline was most important. Speaking in English was one of the rules. So, I decided to start talking to her in English. Earlier we used to speak in some local language. She spoke in her broken English and I kept correcting her.
I was very serious about my role as a teacher. Even when she spoke something wrong in public, I corrected her. Which in turn made her feel more inferior and less confident. I didn’t intend to do it. This even affected our friendship. She started thinking that I am patronizing her which wasn’t true. One day, I walked up to her and spoke to her. I just mentioned that I missed the way she spoke in English. It quite reminded me of my childhood. The way we used to struggle to form a sentence and the pronunciation mistakes we made. She was surprised. She again asked me whether I liked it or not. I told yes. Then there was no looking back for her.
She improved her vocabulary in less than three months. She was confidently speaking to all the professors. She wrote her own answers instead of mugging them up. She started reading novels and I? I kept encouraging her. I kept searching for new words to appreciate her. I learnt many new words in this process. I improved my vocabulary too. That quote really has a deep meaning. Quotes aren’t written just like that. They have sense. They hide messages. Meaningful messages.

Adios till my next post. Stay safe and welcome to the clan!! šŸ™‚

Antara Nandy.


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