Heaven made.

Some people enter your life to stay and some to teach you something and leave. The awesome ones are those who leave you to grow and come back when you have learnt lessons your way. Everyone of us has that one person whom we may never forget in our life. They keep coming back in circles. They fill our lives with tiny surprises. Did that person strike still? No? Let’s continue. They gave you the most amazing feeling of your life. Butterflies start fluttering with a mere thought of theirs. No. It isn’t love. Just a strong liking towards that someone which refuses to fade away no matter how many years pass by. Got my point? Let’s move now.

I have this pretty small story to share. They were really good friends and they even knew that we had something for each other. But both of them were too young to name the feelings. They were perfect. They never fought or disrespected each other. For that age, they shared a quite mature relation. They had an entire lifetime to decide anything. He had big dreams. Big goals. She was just still wondering what to do with her life. That was something about him that charmed her the most. His maturity, his ambitious nature and above all the loving person he was under a rugged appearance. Like ill luck would have it, he had to leave because his dreams were much important than her. She understood that and never questioned him. She moved on though it took time.
Like they tell, that things eventually fall into place, so did they. She texted him after three years and four months. He remembered her. Maybe, she wasn’t ever out of his head. To her surprise, the equation between them never changed. She had several questions before she texted him. Whether he would even remember her, whether he will even talk to her or whether he would just shrug her off. The little child in her forced her to text. She texted, “Hii.” He texted back in a fraction of second, “Bill?” She finally found the little child she was so fond of. The relation they were scared to name once. Now, they name it ‘friendship.’
Few relations are truly made in heaven. Few relations don’t die with time. It isn’t the name, it’s in the profoundness of the relation. They just grow and enrich each other. They are forever.
And I know that somewhere that person is reading this and smiling to himself.


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