Beauty is skin deep.


If someone would ever ask me, that what is the most misunderstood word, I would, without a second thought, tell ‘beauty.’  Trust me, this took so much time to write but I finally could jot down a few lines. I made up my mind and took a leap of faith to make my point across you.
Beauty is over hyped leading to many misconceptions and wrong definitions. Beauty isn’t the color of your skin, the inches on your waist or the shape of your nose. Beauty is skin deep.
Beauty is the face under the shower, where the make up just melts away.
Beauty isn’t a tall and well built man but a man who pulls chairs and open doors for other being.
Beauty isn’t a model posing but the skilled photographer.
Beauty isn’t flawless. Scars have their own story to tell.
Beauty isn’t finding the perfect color for your complexion, it is about a color that reflects your personality and mood.
Beauty isn’t myth, it is the truth.
This article is dedicated to all the lads out their who think that they ain’t beautiful because of their tone their weight or the marks on their skin. You are beautiful, each one of you. Ugly are the people who see your flaws. Don’t hide the acne marks with piles of make up. Accept them, come out with them. It isn’t about how much you weigh, it is about how much goodness your heart weighs. Long hair, big eyes, white skin and red lips are artificial parameters of beauty. Beauty is beyond them.
              Beauty is you. 😊

Antara Nandy.


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