When on the verge of giving up, don’t give up!!

Sometimes you just feel like giving in. No matter how strong you are, the pressure sucks away all the positivity. You try to run away from the harsh realities of life, hide from the surroundings, camouflage yourself. You find solace in darkness but something inside you, devours you, chews you and swallows you down. You have become numb to all the pains. There are secrets lying deep within you which you don’t want to reveal, it’s pretty personal. You would like to lock it in a box and throw the keys into the deepest of oceans and the box in some unfathomable underground mines. Your soul is long dead, if it’s isn’t then you are killing it. Your insides are churned, charred and left aside to die.
You are alive. Is it not enough? You are breathing that implies you still have some unfinished projects left in life. God closed a door, it led to darkness instead he opened several doors that allowed immense of light to flood your room with. You know why?
Till you have your breath, you have an inevitable aim. 

Antara Nandy.


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