Post Women’s Day post.

So it’s a day after Women’s Day and I really feel like writing down something. I have exams in a couple of days so, I ain’t able to write more often. There is a post by @SumitOfficial that I read and I thought why not put down my views on Women’s Day and women.

Here, I would like to talk about a word that is creating a lot of controversies. The word is ‘feminism.’ Most of the people tell that it is about strengthening women. I would like to quote it like, it is about women who are already strong. It is about changing the world’s perception of ‘strength.’ I have a few things to tell to all the men out there.

“You guys don’t have to treat us like princesses. We are normal beings. You don’t have to worship us like Goddess. We are mortals like you. You don’t have to make us feel superior. We are equals. You don’t have to flood us with good words. We love hearing the truth. You don’t have to give us immense of respect. Just respect us and we will respect you back. You don’t have to be our brother, father, boyfriend or any male relative to protect us from goons. You just have to be a good human. Again, to protect us, please don’t lock us up in a room. We can go out and work. You don’t have to earn for us, we are equally capable, remember? Last but not the least, every girl who tells a ‘no’ to your proposal should not be treated with acid. Every girl who loves making love isn’t a slut and ain’t asking you for it. If we like you, we will approach. Just give us some space, and we will take you by amaze.”

And here’s to every women:
“Immense of potential we behold in us. An ocean of strength waving within us. Let’s pledge, we shan’t give up when the entire world pulls you down and doesn’t let you fly, break all the shackles and pave your roads to success.


Thank you for reading and please comment and like my post if you enjoyed reading it. Adios till my next post and welcome to the clan. πŸ™‚

Antara Nandy.


13 thoughts on “Post Women’s Day post.

  1. Antara, the post was good indeed but I beg to differ on your views about feminism. It is about equality between both the sexes, among a plethora of other things. Having said that, everybody is entitled to hold their own views. Yours is just different than mine. πŸ™‚


  2. Reblogged this on SumitOfficial's Blog and commented:
    So yeah, this is the best review I’ve got for my latest blog post ‘Women’s Day : Do Indian Girls Have An Attitude Problem’. Thanks Antara for sharing your views. And I would love to suggest this thing to all men that, really we need to bring the change for our women. Just go through with this post and see what Antara wants to say.
    Thank you!:)

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  3. This is so good Antara. You said it right. This is the best review I got for my post. Thank you soo much. You’ve really focused on the things which are applicable in day to day life. And which should be followed by all the men.

    I’m gonna reblog this and share it too on different sources like Facebook and Twitter. So that more and more people can understand your views. Our views.

    Thank you so much Antara. I liked your thought process. πŸ™‚

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