Today I am because of you.


This number may seem too less for a few of you and so much for some. For me, it is one of the best feelings. I remember, I started blogging in and around 27th of September, 2015. I started writing down my feelings and my thought process by taking a leap of faith. My journey with writing started way more early. I was seven when I wrote my first poem for mom. I thought everybody writes, that’s not a big deal. I won may prizes and certificates for elocution, essay and poetry.

I reached my early teenage. I wasn’t very passionate about writing. I just remember that I always used to top in English and people wondered that how could I do it. Let me tell you, I was an ICSE student and we had to read complete plays of Shakespeare and stories and poems about other authors. I enjoyed reading Shakespeare. I am a vivacious reader. I used to complete all the English assignment of my classmates. Writing came to me naturally.

Life isn’t the same all the time. After I passed out school, I met with an accident. An accident, called love. I know, you guys will argue that why am I calling love an accident though it’s a beautiful feeling. Loving the wrong person is almost equal to a fatal accident. It was a three year long relationship after which he left me shattered.

That is when I started writing with all my heart and soul. I ain’t asking for any pity. It’s better to be envied than pitied. I couldn’t tell anyone about how it felt. My first break up at the age of nineteen. I was too young to take the hit. I was scarred, emotionally drained and was about to give up but then writing happened. I decided not to be the victim of my life. I decided to fight and make myself happy and a stronger being. I decided that I will convert this energy into something positive and I will not let any other girl suffer like me. I started talking to people who had break ups. Today most of my friends and classmates come to me to talk about their problems. They thank me when they are out of them. It gives me immense of pleasure to help someone in need. Then I started writing blogs on how to deal with break ups, and relationships. There was a change in me, I became a stronger individual. I became what I am today. 🙂

P.S: Dear ex, if you are reading this, I would thank you. No hard feelings. I am thankful to God that you came into my life, showed me few beautiful moments, hurt me and gave me a room to improve myself as a human, as a writer. If you weren’t there then I would never discover this side of mine. You scarred me so bad that I started seeing the beautiful me. I don’t regret having you once in my life. Thank you once again and remember, karma is a bitch.

Thank you to all for reading my rant. Thank you for becoming my second family. Welcome to the clan and Chao!! 🙂

Antara Nandy.


3 thoughts on “Today I am because of you.

  1. Hahaha… I’m so not able to imagine how beautifully you’ve expressed your this side. I could sense the beautiful girl, who’ve learnt a lot in this little age.

    Since I too had a lot of relationships ever since I was 13. So, now things are very much clear to me. What is right and what is wrong. I love the way you grow. I love the way you changed.

    I’m really glad to read your this post. And congratulations on your new achievement too. It matters. For people like you. Like me. ☺

    P.S. I love that last line very much “Karma is a bitch”. If your ex is reading this, he would have really freaked out. Haha!! 😁😁


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