An amendment : from ‘tomboy’ to woman.

As a kid, I was hardly anything near to a normal girl child. I never played with Barbies or had any fancy doll houses. I never liked the color pink nor the soft toys. I still don't. I used to climb trees, play on mud and pulled out wheels of toy cars. I used to [...]


His Goddess.

There is nothing more tranquillizing than a man who wants to devour you. You and only you know how to entice him. There were several who just felt and left but none like him who incarnated and scantified your insides. You are his Goddess but not the one he would seek blessings from. The one [...]

How much is too much?

My insides were churned. Screaming for food. My eyes were waiting to close for sometime. My energy was totally exhausted and I was roaming around like a zombie. An entire day was spent writing record and the night working for a belief. Mom screamed to eat and leave but I was in a rush. If [...]

A few stories.

Every person you meet has a lesson to teach, a story to tell and a dream to share. We don't need great stories to inspire, all we need is some zeal and passion for life. I came across this amazing page which has beautiful stories to share. It's even about how gracefully and effortlessly the [...]

Exams done!!

So, I am done with my exams and I am back. This exam was really important because I have to score good grades as my placements will start within a few months. I had so much going on this year, we had three fests in college, NAAC also visited to rate the university and also [...]