An amendment : from ‘tomboy’ to woman.

As a kid, I was hardly anything near to a normal girl child. I never played with Barbies or had any fancy doll houses. I never liked the color pink nor the soft toys. I still don’t. I used to climb trees, play on mud and pulled out wheels of toy cars. I used to spend my time outside my home playing on roads, playing cricket with the guys. I always had this huge passion for cars and bikes, I still do.

Got three stitches below my right eyebrow as I hit myself on bed because I wanted to run with my sister when I used to still crawl, I was an year then. Fell off from my bicycle when I was three years old and broke my teeth. Jumped from a lemon tree and hurt myself bad when I was in third grade. Sprained my leg because I wanted to ride my dad’s scooter in seventh grade. Sported a bob cut till tenth grade. I was not even an inch near to be called a ‘woman.’ I still have so many scars on my body from these experiences. A woman’s body is supposed to be flawless, isn’t it?

I had so many male friends in school because apparently, I was only the girl who played NFS, Roadrash and was as good as them in wheelies and stoppies. As soon as I stepped out of the protective environment of school and stepped into the big bad world, I realized that girls like me are not respected much. They are judged and given names like tomboys and sluts. I was always a good student with an inquisition to learn new things and was confident girl with pretty average looks. The male classmates liked me for the knowledge I possessed, the experiences I had and of course because of football, cricket and video games.  

Now I am 19, I have become so much more calm and now I carefully choose my words. Yes, I still have those scares left and play cricket for the university team. I love football and can ride Pulsar 220F. Somewhere, the lady in me has grown and now I have become so much more graceful, elegant and poised. Though now men are scared to approach and they themselves have confessed this that they wouldn’t like to date a mature, independent and head strong women. I take them as compliments though. Most of my male friends still tell me to behave lady like and that I don’t have a calm aura around me. This is how I am, I can’t mask my feelings. I ask them to wait till the grace, feminity and muliebrity to naturally set in like they did earlier.

Let me conclude by telling this, being a woman is a matter of choice and women are powerful creatures. I love the essence of being a woman. A woman isn’t about her make up, lipstick and heels, a women is the virtues, the moral and the infinite strength she withholds.

So, please, stop judging the ladies and calling them names. Let them be. They are human and not a subject of objectification. To every little girl, who is reading this post, don’t worry, everything falls into place eventually.
Stay strong and enjoy womanhood.


Here is me, in 2010.


Me, 2015.

Stay safe till my next post, chao and welcome to the clan.


His Goddess.

There is nothing more tranquillizing than a man who wants to devour you. You and only you know how to entice him. There were several who just felt and left but none like him who incarnated and scantified your insides. You are his Goddess but not the one he would seek blessings from. The one he worships, worships inside out. You know it is him when every inch on your skin craves for his eternal touch, a touch that will not be forgotten after a lifespan. His touch isn’t just a stroke of excellence but also an emblem of exquisiteness. Neath those shreds of clothing there suspire the sorcerer of eros. Though pinned down, you still monopolize him.

Fifteen year old self.

Yesterday as I was browsing through my Facebook account, I saw an amazing video featuring Radhika Apte, Blush has uploaded this video. Radhika Apte is any day a very talented actress and beautiful person.

This is the URL. So, this has inspired me to write about a few things that I would tell my fifteen year old self.

1. You are beautiful:  Though you don’t have milky white skin or a sharp pointy nose but you are beautiful. People will tell you that soon just have the patience. Don’t let anyone make you feel ugly.

2. Not all men are the same: You just have not met the best of men yet. Maybe you just didn’t meet men only. The ones you met are just boys who show off their swag, men have a class. Again, have patience, you are soon going to meet the best and well groomed men.

3. Everything will gradually fall into place. Don’t worry: You really don’t have to create a fuss about everything. You can’t control your future. People come and leave. Don’t force them to stay with you. If you love them, let them go.

Now I ask you guys, what would you tell your fifteen year old self? Peeps, please comment down so that some fifteen year old could get some advice.

How much is too much?

My insides were churned. Screaming for food. My eyes were waiting to close for sometime. My energy was totally exhausted and I was roaming around like a zombie. An entire day was spent writing record and the night working for a belief. Mom screamed to eat and leave but I was in a rush. If these weren’t enough, few friends dropped a few more troubles. Everything done, I was ready to leave home and a stream of happiness flowed in. A sigh of relief from within.

Walking down the street with no other thoughts than reaching home and filling up with mom’s delicious food and some rest after a long day. An elderly man bumped on me with strategically placing his palm on my cleavage. He apologized. I forgave. It was something around 5.45pm. Not much dark though. As I was making myself believe that it was a mere accident, again, I felt another thud on my back. This time it was a shoulder of someone who didn’t bother to apologize and walked away.

Another day if this would happen, I would fight or atleast moved away from their paths. Yesterday, was just not that another day. I could do nothing, all my energy was sucked into black hole. A five minute walk it is from university to home, it felt forever yesterday. I just wanted to come home and crash on bed and sleep and forget everything. Sleep helps. It helped by etching that moment in my memory.

And here I am today, feeling pathetic, feeling impotent of anything worthy and regretting yesterday. I should have done something or atleast made my stance. But what? He apologized for his mistake of touching my cleavage, “unintentionally.”

A few stories.

Every person you meet has a lesson to teach, a story to tell and a dream to share. We don’t need great stories to inspire, all we need is some zeal and passion for life.
I came across this amazing page which has beautiful stories to share. It’s even about how gracefully and effortlessly the writer pens it down and makes me believe how wonderful life can be sometimes.
I am a difficult person to impress, but these stories are empyrean.



An amazing page, would love to hear your point of view.
Adios till my next post, stay safe and welcome to the clan!! ๐Ÿ˜

Exams done!!

So, I am done with my exams and I am back. This exam was really important because I have to score good grades as my placements will start within a few months. I had so much going on this year, we had three fests in college, NAAC also visited to rate the university and also not to forget the farewell. I was so much under pressure but but but there came in this angel who helped me out with his precious advice and that is Sumit!! He forwarded a link and also I wasn’t able to share the pressure with my friends because even they have exams. So, without much blabbering, I would jump into the topic : How to study for examinations.

This is just an extension to Sumits’ advice. Someday, when we will be famous, I and Sumit will write a blog together on how to deal with exam stress. Hope, Sumit is okay with this idea. ๐Ÿ˜œ
Here is Sumits’ blog on exams. Exams are fun indeed, Sumit. ๐Ÿ˜œ

Okay. Enough. Let’s begin. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Take a print out of the month planner: Trust me guys, the planner helped me out a lot. You just need to Google the specific month calendar and plan out and have enough time for revision.

2. Forest: This is an app that keeps record on how much productive time you are spending without touching your phone. This app helped me a lot as I kept touching my phone for constant updates from my WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram account. What you do is, you set a timer and if you don’t touch your phone within the time you provided a tree is planted.
How did this help me? As I am an ardent lover and admirer of nature, I couldn’t see a tree cut down because of my addiction. This truly helps.

3. Reduce your sleep: I know most of you will frown at this but I have tried to sleep less this semester and it actually works. I used to sleep for ten hours per day and during this exam I made sure, I sleep less. This increases your study time. I slept for four hours per day this exams and peeps, it’s not forever. It’s only till your last exam.

4. Eat well, stay hydrated: I know most of us, forget eating or barely eat during exams but this is absolutely wrong. If you don’t eat then from where will you get the energy to study?

5. Set a time: This means, if your concentration levels are high in the morning then read new stuff in the morning and revise during the night. Revision before sleeping helps you retain the subject. And vice versa. If you are a night owl then read new stuff during night and revise in the mornings.

These are a few tips and tricks for prepping up yourself before exams. No worries, you will do good. All the best.

Please comment if this helped you in anyway. Adios till my next post, stay safe and welcome to the clan!! ๐Ÿ˜

How to be confident in your own skin.

Hello everyone out there!!
ย You must have read a gazillion of articles on how to be confident. But this, my readers, is going to be a bit different. This is how to be confident in your own skin.
ย Own skin basically means your outer appearance.
This article is about how you mask your faults and highlight your best features. ย Everyone likes a confident person. Don’t you?? But still that is one factor most of us lack.
Confidence is something that comes from within. It can be practised. Grown over time. Nutured. And overnight can do miracles! Let’s start it!!

Less is the new more. I had this friend of mine, name her Amy. She is extremely short but even extremely confident. And I often see people asking her that though she is short and barely noticeable in public, still she makes an impact on whomever she meets. She told me that her heels give her the confidence. Confused? Let’s try another example.

I am on the more dusky Indian complexion, and my red lipstick gives me immense of confidence. Another friend of mine told that his handwoven white shirt gave him loads of confidence. So that’s how you carry your confidence. Find your confidence on small things. It may be a ring, clothes, accessories or anything that makes you more sure about yourself.

The second tip would be, read books. Indulge yourself in the process of learning, relearing and unlearning. Broaden your perspectives. Have your own opinion. Be independent. Being independent is again of five types. Please let me know if you want me to write about it. By knowledge, I don’t mean, knowing the dates of Battle of Plassey. I mean, know the basic facts and current affairs.
For example, know by whom and for whom the Taj Mahal was made. And why does it come under World’s Wonders.

Moving on to the next tip, sit, stand or walk straight. Your back bone should be straight, chin up and shoulder behind. This gives an appearance of extremely confident person. Don’t walk around like there is no aim in your life. Or sit like you have lost treasures. Don’t stand with your shoulders drooping. These all are a huge nah nah!! If you are short then please have a straight posture. This makes you look taller. If you are already tall then stand straight so that you appear more taller and confident.

Another thing you will notice in confident people is that they make eye contact. They never lose the sight of the other person. Capture the persons attention by looking into their eyes. No matter how small, big or rounded your eyes are, they are beautiful!! Trust me amigos!! All of us have beautiful eyes!! Eyes are the window to your soul. Why would you even look away when you can mesmerize them?!

Last but not the least, be happy. Nothing is more attractive than a confident and happy person. Let go of the negative vibes. Spread positive engry. Accept your body the way God has given you.
All the girls out there, you are beautiful!! And all the boys, you are going to be one of the most admired men!!

Welcome to the clan!!

Please like and comment and let me know if you want me to write about anything!!

Adios and stay safe!! ๐Ÿ™‚