Exams done!!

So, I am done with my exams and I am back. This exam was really important because I have to score good grades as my placements will start within a few months. I had so much going on this year, we had three fests in college, NAAC also visited to rate the university and also not to forget the farewell. I was so much under pressure but but but there came in this angel who helped me out with his precious advice and that is Sumit!! He forwarded a link and also I wasn’t able to share the pressure with my friends because even they have exams. So, without much blabbering, I would jump into the topic : How to study for examinations.

This is just an extension to Sumits’ advice. Someday, when we will be famous, I and Sumit will write a blog together on how to deal with exam stress. Hope, Sumit is okay with this idea. 😜
Here is Sumits’ blog on exams. Exams are fun indeed, Sumit. 😜

Okay. Enough. Let’s begin. 🙂

1. Take a print out of the month planner: Trust me guys, the planner helped me out a lot. You just need to Google the specific month calendar and plan out and have enough time for revision.

2. Forest: This is an app that keeps record on how much productive time you are spending without touching your phone. This app helped me a lot as I kept touching my phone for constant updates from my WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram account. What you do is, you set a timer and if you don’t touch your phone within the time you provided a tree is planted.
How did this help me? As I am an ardent lover and admirer of nature, I couldn’t see a tree cut down because of my addiction. This truly helps.

3. Reduce your sleep: I know most of you will frown at this but I have tried to sleep less this semester and it actually works. I used to sleep for ten hours per day and during this exam I made sure, I sleep less. This increases your study time. I slept for four hours per day this exams and peeps, it’s not forever. It’s only till your last exam.

4. Eat well, stay hydrated: I know most of us, forget eating or barely eat during exams but this is absolutely wrong. If you don’t eat then from where will you get the energy to study?

5. Set a time: This means, if your concentration levels are high in the morning then read new stuff in the morning and revise during the night. Revision before sleeping helps you retain the subject. And vice versa. If you are a night owl then read new stuff during night and revise in the mornings.

These are a few tips and tricks for prepping up yourself before exams. No worries, you will do good. All the best.

Please comment if this helped you in anyway. Adios till my next post, stay safe and welcome to the clan!! 😁


9 thoughts on “Exams done!!

  1. Hahahaha…. First of all, I’m feeling very honoured Anatara. 🙂

    Thank you so much. 😊
    Ok now let’s come to the main point, yes I do love them a lot. All the points are so appropriate and helpful. BTW I didn’t know about that app 😉 thanks for telling me that. 😉

    PS when I sent you the link first time, you disappeared like I’ve sent you the link of ISIS’s video. Hahah! I thought you would curse me for that link. But I’m thankful now that it worked out for you 😉

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    1. To be honest with you, I wrote down the points you mentioned. I wanted to see whether they work and then comment on them. Trust me, Sumit, you were there all through my mind when I was putting them into work.
      This semester if I get good grades, you would be one of the reasons for that.
      Thanks a ton!! 😁

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