How much is too much?

My insides were churned. Screaming for food. My eyes were waiting to close for sometime. My energy was totally exhausted and I was roaming around like a zombie. An entire day was spent writing record and the night working for a belief. Mom screamed to eat and leave but I was in a rush. If these weren’t enough, few friends dropped a few more troubles. Everything done, I was ready to leave home and a stream of happiness flowed in. A sigh of relief from within.

Walking down the street with no other thoughts than reaching home and filling up with mom’s delicious food and some rest after a long day. An elderly man bumped on me with strategically placing his palm on my cleavage. He apologized. I forgave. It was something around 5.45pm. Not much dark though. As I was making myself believe that it was a mere accident, again, I felt another thud on my back. This time it was a shoulder of someone who didn’t bother to apologize and walked away.

Another day if this would happen, I would fight or atleast moved away from their paths. Yesterday, was just not that another day. I could do nothing, all my energy was sucked into black hole. A five minute walk it is from university to home, it felt forever yesterday. I just wanted to come home and crash on bed and sleep and forget everything. Sleep helps. It helped by etching that moment in my memory.

And here I am today, feeling pathetic, feeling impotent of anything worthy and regretting yesterday. I should have done something or atleast made my stance. But what? He apologized for his mistake of touching my cleavage, “unintentionally.”


7 thoughts on “How much is too much?

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  3. This is really not done Antara. If next time any dickhead does something like this, I request you to please do something with them. Else, this will encourage them to do with other girls too.

    You can be the best example of saving other girls Antara. Never ever hesitate on taking a step if someone is intended to hurt your self esteem.

    You don’t need to fear from them. Once you’ll take the step, those fucking men has to escape and they will think thousand times before doing taht with any other girl.

    I’m hope you’re OK now. Just forget about it. And be happy. 😊

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