An amendment : from ‘tomboy’ to woman.

As a kid, I was hardly anything near to a normal girl child. I never played with Barbies or had any fancy doll houses. I never liked the color pink nor the soft toys. I still don’t. I used to climb trees, play on mud and pulled out wheels of toy cars. I used to spend my time outside my home playing on roads, playing cricket with the guys. I always had this huge passion for cars and bikes, I still do.

Got three stitches below my right eyebrow as I hit myself on bed because I wanted to run with my sister when I used to still crawl, I was an year then. Fell off from my bicycle when I was three years old and broke my teeth. Jumped from a lemon tree and hurt myself bad when I was in third grade. Sprained my leg because I wanted to ride my dad’s scooter in seventh grade. Sported a bob cut till tenth grade. I was not even an inch near to be called a ‘woman.’ I still have so many scars on my body from these experiences. A woman’s body is supposed to be flawless, isn’t it?

I had so many male friends in school because apparently, I was only the girl who played NFS, Roadrash and was as good as them in wheelies and stoppies. As soon as I stepped out of the protective environment of school and stepped into the big bad world, I realized that girls like me are not respected much. They are judged and given names like tomboys and sluts. I was always a good student with an inquisition to learn new things and was confident girl with pretty average looks. The male classmates liked me for the knowledge I possessed, the experiences I had and of course because of football, cricket and video games.  

Now I am 19, I have become so much more calm and now I carefully choose my words. Yes, I still have those scares left and play cricket for the university team. I love football and can ride Pulsar 220F. Somewhere, the lady in me has grown and now I have become so much more graceful, elegant and poised. Though now men are scared to approach and they themselves have confessed this that they wouldn’t like to date a mature, independent and head strong women. I take them as compliments though. Most of my male friends still tell me to behave lady like and that I don’t have a calm aura around me. This is how I am, I can’t mask my feelings. I ask them to wait till the grace, feminity and muliebrity to naturally set in like they did earlier.

Let me conclude by telling this, being a woman is a matter of choice and women are powerful creatures. I love the essence of being a woman. A woman isn’t about her make up, lipstick and heels, a women is the virtues, the moral and the infinite strength she withholds.

So, please, stop judging the ladies and calling them names. Let them be. They are human and not a subject of objectification. To every little girl, who is reading this post, don’t worry, everything falls into place eventually.
Stay strong and enjoy womanhood.


Here is me, in 2010.


Me, 2015.

Stay safe till my next post, chao and welcome to the clan.


9 thoughts on “An amendment : from ‘tomboy’ to woman.

  1. First of all I am sorry Antara, as always I could not see your post at the first place. But still, I know you’ll forgive me, no? 😜

    So the thing is, I’ve been officially blogging for a year now, and you’ll see how much my blog posts are based on real life. In my own life. And after meeting you, reading your posts I could feel that yes there’s one more person who clearly talks about herself in a clear way. Because other people do that too but in an anonymous way.

    So, it is a pleasure for me to read your posts. Because, it reminds me of my own posts. To be honest. And yes, it do give me chance to know about you as a person. It helps me to understand you better. And definitely, one thing is at times even my language go very straightforward. I talk about the problem with sex/prostitution/harassment easily. I never get scared of it.

    If I talk about you, what I would like to suggest you is, Antara don’t think what would people think of you.. You just do what you love.. Don’t wear a mast to be what THEY want you to be. Just be what YOU want to be and see yourself.

    Should I talk about beauty?
    Well, I don’t care about 2010 or 2015. What I know is, You’re eternally beautiful. Be yourself. 😘

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