First Liebster Award!! 😃

What is the Liebster Award?

“Liebster” according to Lorraine Reguly, Author of the “Official Rules”, is of German Origin and means:

dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart.


This is my first Liebster Award and I was pretty excited and a huge thank you to Ashlee Tuason for nominating me. The link to her blog is
Let me display the rules first and then I will follow the rules. 😝
The rules are as follows :

So these are the rules and all my nominees should follow them.

Here are the answers to the questions asked to me by Ashlee.

1. How long have you been blogging?
     I have been blogging since nine months. I started on my birthday last year, 27th September.
2. Would you rather blog or vlog? Why?
     I will choose blogging any day because I can express myself better by writing than in person.
3. What do you imagine yourself doing 10 years from now?
     Somewhere in the midst of conquering the highest peaks of mountains.
4. If you were given a chance to have super powers, what would it be and why?
  The superpower I want to possess is to read people’s mind so that it’s easy to figure out what they actually want.
5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
     Full on extrovert.
6. Do you play any sport(s)?
       I play cricket for my university.
7. Where do you spend your leisure time?
     At home, on bed with a book.
8. Who is your favorite celebrity?
     Deepika Padukone.
9. What country would you like to visit? and why?
     Umm. Never thought of that but soon will.
10. Have you met you idol(s)? If yes, who?
      Nope. I don’t idolise anyone as such.
11. What’s the best advice would you give to your 5 year-old self?
      Someday you will miss your school life, so don’t cry. Be the mischievous you because you will be remembered for that.

My favourite blog is

💎 Here are ten random facts about myself :
1. I love eggs and I eat them everyday. I call myself ‘eggatarian.’
2. I am somehow very attracted to superhero tee shirts. I am wearing a superman tee right now.
3. I sweat a lot and I drink loads of water. I love waters, I love seas.
4. I am a big time foodie but I don’t cook.
5. I started writing when I was five years old.
6. Coldplay helps me focus. Paradise and Scientist is all time favourite.
7. I love rains and I love the smell of rain.
8. I want to become a forest ranger, if I can, my love for animals don’t seem to die.
9. Coming to wildlife, I love snakes. My favourite snake is Black Mamba. I like Coral snake too.
10. I love playing cricket and watching football.

🌟These are ten random facts about me.
The questions below are for my nominees to answer.
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. If you opened a restaurant, how would you promote it?
3. If you wake up one day and find that your gender has changed, what would you do first?
4. If you were given a chance, to wish for something that you have desired the most, what would that be?
5. What would you tell God if he somehow appeared infront of you?
6. Your craziest adventure?
7. Tell us about a dream that became true?
8. What is your favourite cuisine?
9. What is your favourite quote and why?
10. Define yourself in two words.

My nominees are :

I would like to nominate another person for this award to add some fun, the funniest blogger for me, Kishan Thakar. His blog is

I am done with my first blog award. Thank you for all your love.

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Friend Forever. 💝


Hon, should I tell Dan about it? He will empathise with us.” He conferred with her.

“A day together and two strangers vow to unify eternally. He will understand this?” She pried.

“So, finally he found someone who can comfort and challenge him!!” Dans’ message screamed in excitement to her.

Football forever. 💝


Honey, tonight LFC is playing a major match after nine years.” His excited voice echoed.

“Okay. We will watch it together.” 1200 kilomete away from him, she promised.

He fell for her a little more that night.

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Forever again. 💝


“Don’t! There are people around!” She exclaimed.
“But I so badly want to kiss you!” He pleads.
As she gazes deeply into the sea, he steals it.
Stolen kisses are the best, he recollects her words, tender and sweet.

Saketh, I ain’t taking away the credits of your work, calm down. helped me to complete this. Okay, only the last two lines. Thank you, Saketh, for coming up with such beautiful lines and completing the verse.
All the best for your blog, waiting for your next post. 😊

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