Wounded, shattered, hopeless and scared, you entered and a magical spell showered.
You didn’t oath me an eternity, all you sweared by was some pinch of love and divinity.
I cursed all the moments and you glorified them to boon, chatters of seas and experiences are more romantic than stars and moon.
Every beautiful feeling has to cease, we will move away when we please.
You fell like a shooting star from above, and recarnated me with hope and love.

Thank you, Ankit. 😊


46 thoughts on “Ankit.

  1. You are right Benny, everyday is a gift! I always try to improve and learn something new to help me get closer to my goals. More often than not it is a good idea to sit back and reflect upon all that surrounds us and as you’ve stated; focusing on the positives rather than the negatives will bring that what is desired.


  2. Si quiere un consejo Rafa, córtele mÑs de la mitad de las ramas al naranjo, aunque le de lÑstima, no se preocupe, es por su bien. Se lo digo con conocimiento de causa, o si no, no cogerÑ naranjas ni para hacerse un vaso de zumo.Un saludo


  3. Hi sir,Your tutorials are simply awsome!!!You really did a commendable job.. Along with the informative techy part, You explained it all so well, i mean the writing part!!!For a noob like me :(, it is sort of an awsome step by step guide..Regards


  4. Jeff, thanks for sharing the 3G list. One thing I noticed is that the character strings group blocked some of my pages. The 3G lines in question were: # RedirectMatch 403 news.php # RedirectMatch 403 contact.phpI am probably not the only one who named the pages on a more &#2r20;t8aditional way”, such as contact.php. Any reason why these pages should be blocked?Otto


  5. This is a useful tutorial, thanks. I’m having issues getting things to work with the &#ts;02Momen82” feature though. Setting the scene to WXSceneTimeline causes the input dialog to pop up normally after Weixin starts, but upon sending and returning to my app the message itself doesn’t appear to be sent. It never appears in my feed. Do you notice the same?


  6. I’d like to cancel this standing order I want that first thugnto get into me right up me and down mt throat oooooooo those thighs that prick that cum. Aaahaaaaahhhhhhahhh. He could make a lot of money from me. Contact me please!!!!!


  7. I remember how you used to humiliate that teacher back in middle school-like Curry precociousness is something you have in common…I hope you’re joking about the ex;p0sives&#823olI recall a few days I’d have made good use of HE


  8. Woah…! M really amazed Antara. ! Your are as enchanting as your words. Beautifully written 😘😘
    Really appreciate it.
    Thanx a lot babes.!! You are the best!

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                  1. – So this morning I did a quick glance through on your new &#2y;08Treasur2” page with zero intentions of doing a recipe right then and there. Well, breakfast needed to be had and I ran across this recipe, had everything needed, and whipped these suckers up. All I have to say is “YUM!” Super yummy and easily going in my “most definitely again” file. Thanks for posting this!Kaylie recently posted..[]


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