Dear, future husband.

Things I would like to tell before you tell an yes to ‘us’.

1. Let’s go on a trip before we get married. I want to go to the seven sister states. We won’t be staying in a luxurious hotel as life isn’t a bed of roses and I want to survive the storms with you not the tides.

2. I will not be giving up on the basic values and morals that life has taught me. I will not be giving up my surname either.

3. My religious beliefs shan’t be questioned. I will not blindly follow yours, you don’t have to follow mine. I believe in karma, hope you know how it works. 🙂

4. Love will gradually set in. We will work towards it together but respect is something I demand for. If you give, you get. Respect for me and not my gender.

5. I don’t expect you to be the same person you are today after few days, months or years. Priorities change, my priority towards you will change too. Let’s grow together.

I understand that you may have your expectations from me, I promise my best to attain them and if it takes time please have some patient.
It is a journey together, in which we will fall in the potholes of roads, there will be ups and downs too like speed breakers and yes, the journey will be as smooth as highways too. Finally, we will reach the destination together and happy and content.

A smooth sea never made a good sailor.


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