Little talks with the little girl, yet to come.

I would thank to pop this amazing idea of telling something to my daughter. You can read her letter here,
Hope she reads this whenever she steps out. So, here it goes.

Your first cry will kindle my million dollar smile.
Fistful of your playmates may not measure this mile.
Treading on this morbidly enchanting world, with your baby steps, I will be excited!!
Cheer up!! You will be celebrated!!

Many will call you fat or obese,
Forgive them. Don’t let morons affect your pace.
Numerous others will accuse of being coloured and flaked,
Let them. What fun being pretty and unbaked?
For me, my little rebellious princess,
You are my shining beautiful mess.

My girl, life will not be bed of roses,
Pain and joys will bump upon in equal doses.
If the heartache only keeps growing by inches,
We will shoo them together, my warrior princess.

For the charming lady you will be,
Men will be beguiled and bewitched by thee.
But sunshine, let me surprise you, not all men are the same.
Not all play with hearts or with dame.

Sing, paint, dance, do whatever you want,
I will not let my set of dreams haunt.
Let your soul be free and contemplate,
Towards your work just be passionate.

Princess, I want you to be happy and brave,
Every problem has a solution, no matter how critical and grave.
Let me cease this lengthy speech here,
Remember, your mum is not all boring and monotonous, dear!!     😊


14 thoughts on “Little talks with the little girl, yet to come.

  1. A truly heartfelt letter with oodles of love to our daughter. I’m pretty sure she will grow up to be her own woman like you want her to be and maybe even better too. The best part about the letter is that it has a good motherly touch throughout. Your daughter will be lucky to have you. Keep writing. Looking forward to your next damseldrudge.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Saketh. Btw, you forgot, ‘y’ in the second line and wrote ‘our’ instead of ‘your’. 😂😂
      Well that’s okay. Will laugh over it in the future.


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