Us Forever. πŸ’


Both of them were too stubborn to confess their maddening love for each other.

“I love us.” He said.

*she smiled.*

“I love us too.” She retorted gleefully.


35 thoughts on “Us Forever. πŸ’

          1. Once there was a wise man lived in a town called Malgudi. People called him wise don’t because he was wise but his name was wise. He happened to fall in love with someone. He made a pacy to himself, from now on wards, I will be called wise not because of my name is nice but from my wisdom. He told his pact to his love. She agreed with his wisdom about being called wise not because of his name wise but because he is wise by wiser wisdom present in wise man and wore wise clothes and wise goggles with wise Bermudas. I know, you want to hit your head after reading this comment. But I bet you’re wise enough to not to do unwise thing. ‘Wise again :-)’ That’s how wise people don’t fall in love

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