Friend Forever. 💝


Hon, should I tell Dan about it? He will empathise with us.” He conferred with her.

“A day together and two strangers vow to unify eternally. He will understand this?” She pried.

“So, finally he found someone who can comfort and challenge him!!” Dans’ message screamed in excitement to her.


5 thoughts on “Friend Forever. 💝

  1. read a few of your posts, this is an interesting style of poetry where four lines explain the whole story within, though seeing the beautiful way you express your ideas I wish to know the whole essence behind the post but maybe intriguing the readers is the aim of your verses!! Good work…keep writing 🙂

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  2. Your posts just keep surprising me with their spirit and freshness every single time. The last few posts including this seem like the beginning of a journey towards eternity from the way you write. Maybe you can start writing paragraphs or something in those lines and step up to the next level. Keep scribbling damsel. YNWA

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