Soulmates Redefined. 😉

                           Why him? Because he sets my soul on fire. Because he compliments my madness. Because his love is unconditional. Because he is the one I have been waiting for a lifetime. Because he is my soulmate.


In her wildest dreams!!

As the rain drops snaked down her beautiful, flawlessly pale skin, her eyes quivered and her body trembled, bringing her back to senses. She looked at the moon, complaining, questioning about his absence just prior to their marriage. In the wee hours of morning, just before the dawn, sitting on the shore, wailing loud, as [...]

Soulmate. 💝

Musing over her past, she mewled against her pillow. "Look at me, Hon, we will evolve against all odds. You are one strong lady." His voice soothes her, e'er. She essenced her soulmate, as he sensed her tears even over a muted call. Connect with me on


childhood Ages ago when, erasers erased the gravest mistakes, When friendship was the only religion that suspired, and here, Ruminating, by the side of a window, I stood, Once upon a time, there was childhood. Connect with me on