Amorous Forever. 💝


Looking into my eyes, ecstatically,
Quenching my thirst & alleviating me beautifully,
Her lips and hips closing on mine,
An amorous endearment defying nihility like eviternal wine.


24 thoughts on “Amorous Forever. 💝

      1. That’s what I’m afraid of. Girls suck happiness from life for singles who watched movies like Pyar Ka Panchnama. I don’t know, why would someone make movie so disgusting like that, and even more stupid singles believe that. Oh, I wait!! I’ve seen notebook too. nd I slept during the interval. Yay..Pyar ka Panchanama 2 . You are the best movie, I will ever see.

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  1. It gives the vibes of a long-time emptiness being filled in a defining manner. You always bring out the emotion of the situation beautifully. And that English – many new words learnt today! Keep writing. YNWA


    1. I am glad you could understand what I tried to convey. A lengthy wait for the right person comes to an end, an end which is the new beginning of an amazing journey of two people.
      I am glad that you got to learn something new.
      Life is all about learning, unlearning and re-learning new things.

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