A little up close and personal❕


Hope all of you are doing fine and having a great time flying with WordPress. This isn’t a regular blog post but more of a chatty one. My blog is doing great and I am very happy with the current phase. I am not able to spend much time on damseldrudge because I have my own personal commitments that I am really busy and decked up with and also recently I have been nominated for three days quote challenge by Mahesh Mali. You can follow him here http://awesomengers.wordpress.com

I have received so many compliments for the Forever Series from my fellow bloggers and also outside my blogosphere. You can read all of them here
A big thank you to Saketh too for helping me out with the series. Though he isn’t much active on WordPress but still has helped me out with my posts.
I have used so many new words in the Forever Series and people have told me that they need dictionary beside to understand the posts, so, I have decided to include the meaning of the words below the posts. New ideas popping!!


These are the latest updates of my blog and also recently I reached my 100 subscribers, again, Thank you all!!

P.S : I will be starting a new series of paranormal erotica after a while. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!!

I conclude this post here. Hoping you will love the upcoming series!!
Adios and welcome to the clan!! 😊


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