A little up close and personal❕


Hope all of you are doing fine and having a great time flying with WordPress. This isn’t a regular blog post but more of a chatty one. My blog is doing great and I am very happy with the current phase. I am not able to spend much time on damseldrudge because I have my own personal commitments that I am really busy and decked up with and also recently I have been nominated for three days quote challenge by Mahesh Mali. You can follow him here http://awesomengers.wordpress.com

I have received so many compliments for the Forever Series from my fellow bloggers and also outside my blogosphere. You can read all of them here
A big thank you to Saketh too for helping me out with the series. Though he isn’t much active on WordPress but still has helped me out with my posts.
I have used so many new words in the Forever Series and people have told me that they need dictionary beside to understand the posts, so, I have decided to include the meaning of the words below the posts. New ideas popping!!


These are the latest updates of my blog and also recently I reached my 100 subscribers, again, Thank you all!!

P.S : I will be starting a new series of paranormal erotica after a while. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!!

I conclude this post here. Hoping you will love the upcoming series!!
Adios and welcome to the clan!! 😊


24 thoughts on “A little up close and personal❕

        1. Well, to keep it short, I love it. 🙂
          Basically, I am happy to find a being like you who can find humour in everything. World needs that. I need that too. Blessed you are.
          You will do great in future, a wise lady’s blessings with you.

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          1. with wise lady’s blessing, I would even climb Mount Everest. And I’ll invite you also to join me. We’ll go there and see true beauty of nature. Himalayas where, mountain wears white sweater all over his body to save himself from cold. It’s like a white bear but whithout ‘bear’. ps- I don’t drink, I’m a Gujarati. True follower of Gandhiji. Just hope that mom don’t spray water over eyes to not wake me up otherwise I’m a sound sleeper.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Gujarati eh? A non alcoholic, non money spending, vegetarian? No offense.
              We will climb the Everest together only if we can climb without rolling down laughing at your jokes.
              I am a bong. Go ahead and pull my leg.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. why comedians make fun of Gujaratis. We look weird. We speak loudly, there’re more Gujaratis with tons of moneybags but still wearing a cotton shirt and cotton pant(hint: owner of Reliance) See, comedians are fools. I assure you, when we fall down,let me assure you I’ll take down you with me. We’ll fall free nd our last moments would be laughs. You’re a bong nd then I’m Gujarati. I’ve got 16 packs. ps- I exercised eating Gathiya, thepla and dhoklas.

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. ladki thodi fat hue to ..chubby …so cute…chalo iske gaal khichte hain…agar ladka mota hua to…wo dekho motu…kya khana khane ke alava ku6 nahi ata..petu tere ko…such stereotypes huh…


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