In her wildest dreams!!


As the rain drops snaked down her beautiful, flawlessly pale skin, her eyes quivered and her body trembled, bringing her back to senses. She looked at the moon, complaining, questioning about his absence just prior to their marriage. In the wee hours of morning, just before the dawn, sitting on the shore, wailing loud, as the waves hit the rocks, she picked up his engagement ring and her tears hit the sand.

The wind blew, she was forced to cover her face from the sand particles which adhered to her embonpoint cheeks. As she turned back, she saw him. She saw his shadow, she could hear her heart beats, she stood up and followed him. Followed his shadow which took her to a near by hovel, an eerie feeling surrounded her, goosebumps on her skin but she kept walking behind him expecting him to pace down. Expecting him to turn back, she impotently kept walking just to touch him.


41 thoughts on “In her wildest dreams!!

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  2. A new genre and you have started off with a bang!
    The post leaves me with a lot of intrigue of what this is about and what is going to happen next given it is a paranormal erotica.
    You have generated suspense and interest and now that leaves me waiting for the next post in this series.
    You always amaze me. Bring on the next one and keep writing πŸ™‚

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