X : "What is your CGPA, bro?  Y : "8.72." X : "What did you deserve to get so much marks? Do you even remember last semester's subject." Y : "Yes, I do." X : "Oh! Come on! You don't! Tell me the names of the subjects one after one! I bet, you they must [...]



Sometimes when you are at the crossroads of life, lost and defeated, wondering and hopeless, when everything else fails except that one voice. The voice that screams from within, to hold on, to be brave and not give up. When we forget that miracles still happen and some unknown spirit chants magical spells on us [...]

In her wildest dreams!!

As dad sprinkled little water on her face, she woke up with a shriek. Beads of sweat dripping from her forehead and tears escaping from her cheeks to her top, which was already half drenched in her sweat. Her blood shot eyes desperately searching for him. He was nowhere around. She couldn't essence his presence. Was [...]

In her wildest dreams!!

He went into a room resembling a library, filled with old, half-eaten books. There was nothing except for termites chewing over the volumes, countable rodents and squeaky window panes. Any mere mortal would have left their body by now but Sara just wanted an answer. She was hypnotised or maybe she was mesmerised as if [...]