Where is the world going to?

I have been very choosy when it comes to talking about my personal life in social media. I have a very few selected photos in my Facebook account, this is how I choose to be. This is a rather shocking incident that happened with me. 

The post above is something I have written for a senior who is close to me and someone told my parents that the flow of message is “improper.” That this message conveys wrong emotions and ‘intentions.’

I ask, where is the wrong intention? 

I brought this out in public because I am extremely hurt and angered by the kind of words we choose to speak about a woman. It just takes us a minute to mar a women’s dignity. 

By making this post public, I ask the wolf among the sheep to come out and share his issue with the message, if at all he exists. 

Again, where is the world going to?


5 thoughts on “Where is the world going to?

  1. I wish people could wrap their judgemental little minds around the fact that sometimes a male and a female may share a completely platonic relationship, based on mutual respect and non-romantic affection. I can literally feel scores of people having smug smiles on their faces and assuming shit. Understandably , the older generation might have some trouble accepting this…. But what sucks most is that some of our own peers are equally judgemental.

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  2. The wrong is in the thinking of the society that no boy and girl can have a relationship as pure as friendship. It is there’s old backward rubbish thinking that is wrong. It’s their narrow-minded thoughts and beliefs that’s wrong.
    Though, I feel after all this, our society is in a transition phase where the people with open-mindedness and free thinking are growing and thousands of them are working for the betterment of the society. Keep yourself and your surroundings positive. It is going to take may be 100 years more for a full-fledged revolution, but let’s contribute towards the a free, open-minded and accepting society.

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