In her wildest dreams!!

wildest 2

He went into a room resembling a library, filled with old, half-eaten books. There was nothing except for termites chewing over the volumes, countable rodents and squeaky window panes. Any mere mortal would have left their body by now but Sara just wanted an answer. She was hypnotised or maybe she was mesmerised as if she was under his spell. The shadow vanished, she stood by the side of the window. The lissom breeze grazed her neck, giving her goosebumps and she let out a small moan.

Her heart skipped a beat as a familiar touch rolled round her waist and the hair on her neck stood up as she felt his warm breath evoking her innermost raptures. She began to breathe deeper as she felt his passionate lips nibbling all over her neck, and when he bit her sensitized skin, her soul shed its sadness away with a loud moan. With the newly found fervour, she moved her hips in tandem with his while he continued to brand her with love marks all over her. He increased the pace kindling the fire within her which caused her to moan louder and inch towards Eros’ heaven.Β 

Sweat dripping, pain combined with ecstasy, and he cupping her bosom, she reached a peak that she never thought existed within. This made her turn around to fall in his eternal embrace, only to suddenly hear the waves crashing against the shore, rodents squeaking, and he was nowhere to be seen.

Β You can find the first part in this link –


14 thoughts on “In her wildest dreams!!

    1. Why do you have to say something that I don’t even deserve and make me feel guilty then?
      You know what pushes me. You know why I write.
      You know from where these all emotions emerge from, then why do you act so unknown and just keep encouraging. Why?

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