Mahesh Rakheja – The man who sprinkles life into technology.

Young, dynamic, intellectual and there are many other adjectives to describe him. I am running out of words to describe the kind of meritorious person he is. This man has earned my respect and I adore him to the core. Now, who is Mahesh Rakheja? Why am I blabbering so much about him?

Mahesh Rakheja is an idol, God to all the computer science students. He is Krishna to all the Arjuns out there. His name is Mahesh Rakheja and he is a technical public speaker. He believes that a real learner never shows off. He believes that one should feel technology and not learn it. 

Day one starts with him telling that he will give us the best six days of our life and indeed he did. You gave me the six days of my life and transformed me. 

The Chocolate Bonus : In the last day of this amazing workshop, he gives us fifteen minutes of his life and tells us about life. Today, during the chocolate bonus hour, I had tears.  Happy tears. You can find about him in his Facebook id provided below. I can’t tell about what he all he has perused because he has covered almost every aspect of life and technology. 


Sir, if you are reading this, then let me tell you, you gave me the best six days of my life. I can capture and freeze moments but to capture a person like you with words would be a sin. May God bless you. 😉


You are a fabulous person. 

Keep motivating.

P.S : He is extremely tall and charming.

Details of Mahesh Rakheja:


4 thoughts on “Mahesh Rakheja – The man who sprinkles life into technology.

  1. I saw his profile. Wow, seems like a great guy!
    I would love to meet someone like him. Their view of life is what people need in this world.
    The quicker people understand happiness is more important than success, the more peaceful and blissful their lives will be.
    He seems to have left a profound impact on you. Awesome!
    Keep writing!

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