In her wildest dreams!!

As dad sprinkled little water on her face, she woke up with a shriek. Beads of sweat dripping from her forehead and tears escaping from her cheeks to her top, which was already half drenched in her sweat.

Her blood shot eyes desperately searching for him. He was nowhere around. She couldn’t essence his presence. Was he gone? Did he leave her again? Did her wildest dreams come true? 

Sitting beside her, mom enquired about her nightmare. For her, it was a dream that sent chills down her spine and left her beautifully amazed. Looking at the calendar, she realised that her engagement is due tonight and sighed a breath of relief. It was just a dream, she thought. 

Blushing at random thoughts she glanced at the mirror and ravished by her beauty, she stepped forward. A peripetia struck her with aghast at the marks all over her neck and perky bosoms. She recalled all that he haled. All the memories harking back, leaving her in tears and a question, 
“Another wild dream or just a déjà vu?”

With this I conclude the Wildest dreams series. Hope you liked it. 

Adios till my next post and stay safe, welcome to the clan! 😃

The other series of Wildest dreams is given below. 

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 her wildest dreams!! –



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In her wildest dreams!! –


12 thoughts on “In her wildest dreams!!

  1. That ending! That ending!!
    That ending is like a mystery thriller twist which leaves the reader perplexed. That finish flips what could be brushed off as a dream into paranormal territory remarkably. I really loved the ending. Looking forward to more. Keep pushing yourself. Sky is the limit for your ability.
    Keep writing! Keep loving!

    Liked by 1 person

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