How to be Independent – 2

Independence, the word has varied meaning for various people. For me, it means being free from any kind of barriers. Barriers set for us by others. We should really know how to detach ourselves and not let any external force control our thoughts, feelings and actions. A confident person gains his confidence from his independent thought process which is unaffected by his surroundings. Let me throw some light on the types of independence I would like to possess.


Emotional Independence

: A few of us must have surely used this line, “In your happiness, lies mine.” I don’t understand that how on this earth is your happiness lying in someone else’s happiness? This is only possible when you are happy and at peace with yourself. People tend to act selfless sometimes and put everything before them forgetting that they are important too and in the long run they make themselves sad. Emotional Independence is one concept that an individual should understand and preach. Reading a book gives you happiness? Go ahead and buy, don’t wait for someone to gift it to you.
Coming to me, I have come a long way yet I have miles to go but I can assure that I can spread happiness because I am at peace with myself.


Intellectual Independence

When we come across some person who is highly educated or is holding many degrees, we tend to believe or follow them blindly. Be inquisitive, question everything around you, find a reason for every occurring. Don’t know whom to ask? Google.
Don’t know what to ask? Let me give you one question.
Why are you reading this article?
Knowledge is divine. Knowledge is power.
Educate and introspect yourself, read books but don’t be arrogant.
Today I am in a position to answer to any question from my area of interest. Even if I can’t, I know where to go.


Spiritual Independence :

This is one of the most difficult topics to explain. We really don’t have to follow the religion our parents follow. Go out, visit different holy places and know everything about a particular religion and then follow it. There is a power within us and a power beyond us that sustains the universe. Find that source you believe.
Personally, I don’t believe in idol worship and I don’t believe in capturing such divine and omnipresent power in an idol.

There is financial independence which I don’t think I need to explain. We live in a free world, free to form opinions and views. Also remember that we have to respect and understand other’s point of view.

You can go through the first part here -

Till then, adios!! Welcome to the clan!! Stay safe and spread happiness. 😊


15 thoughts on “How to be Independent – 2

  1. I think we will gel together .
    Be independent by knowing the self.
    And understanding that life can’t survive without being interdependent.

    Love the topic, looking more from you such a great understanding about life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha. Why do you think we will gel?
      Sure, life is also about interdependencies but in certain areas only.
      Please read my previous blogs and you will surely know about my understanding of life.
      Thank you. 😊


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