Placements ahead!!

Super tensed, super excited and super nervous. It feels like I am only left with those few feelings. I can now feel my heart beats and the butterflies fluttering, making me so much more restless. The placements haven’t been great in the previous few years. This time it doesn’t seem that the history will repeat … More Placements ahead!!

Forever and Always.

I have been pondering over a question since years. Three magical words in a sentence. Yesterday, I found an answer. Not I love you. Forever and Always. If it’s forever, then it’s love, always. Antara.


My scars were being healed and the burns were replaced by new skin. I again felt beautiful after the horrendous three years of an excruciating relationship with someone I thought I loved. I was with an animal who treated me like another animal. Maybe even animals have better life I pondered sometimes. Given to the hopeless … More Mr.Soulmate. 

Oceanic Athirst.

“Hon, in arrière pensée about love, just remember, mother’s love. Such altruistic and pristine love is what you deserve.”  And then, I realise, that I have found someone who squelches my oceanic athirst for love.


Even the strongest and the most positive persons have come across the haters, the bullies and people who are extremely envious. Who are constantly degrading your confidence and trying to pull you down. They are there everywhere, schools, colleges and workplace. They crack jokes which only they find funny, they try and prove that you … More Bullies!!