Placements ahead!!

Super tensed, super excited and super nervous. It feels like I am only left with those few feelings. I can now feel my heart beats and the butterflies fluttering, making me so much more restless. The placements haven’t been great in the previous few years. This time it doesn’t seem that the history will repeat because there is someone who has taken a huge responsibility of getting everyone placed. Someone who is calm outside but there is so much on the inside. 

The coming days is going to be amazing. One helluva ride it will be. Definitely a new learning experience. As I write this, my stomach churns even imagining about the future. Everyone around me are busy doing something or the other and here I am not even crawling a step ahead. I am trying every way to be as positive as possible. So, I thought of blogging my feelings. This place gives me maximum positivity. You people push me and motivate me. Finger’s crossed, hope, I get placed. Please give me your love, blessings and prayers!! That helps. Immensely. 

I would like to take a leave, leaving you guys with an amazing video and will try and write down my feelings during the coming days. Thank you. 😊


Three Day Quote Challenge.

Hey everyone,

This is my first quote challenge.

Thank you Saketh, for nominating me. Everyone can visit his blog here.

First I would like to display the rules for the challenge.

1. Show the post on your wall.

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3. Write one quote one day or all the 3 quotes in a day.

4. Nominate 3 bloggers, also let them know this .

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Another special nomination would be Kishan Thakar. 
Thank you all. 😊


My scars were being healed and the burns were replaced by new skin. I again felt beautiful after the horrendous three years of an excruciating relationship with someone I thought I loved. I was with an animal who treated me like another animal. Maybe even animals have better life I pondered sometimes. Given to the hopeless romantic I am, I thought one day a miracle would happen and my undying love for him will make him a human. Miracles always don’t happen for mysterious reasons of their own. Giving all my love to him, I was left a damaged body, an irreconcilable callus kink about men yet a faint hope lingered  that one day, like in fairy tales, my prince charming will gallop by on a white mare, ask me for a ball and I would be the most beautiful princess.

 Laughing over the thought and again drowning myself into depression, I started appalling my own body. Everything that once I loved, disgusted me now and it straight away started from my face to my bosoms to my thoughts. I despised myself. I gaoled myself from every happiness till I realised that I ain’t worth of all the pain. I was repairing my body, beautifying myself and doing what I love. Write. Little did I know that this love would pioneer my soulmate. Little did I know that my price charming would be an elderly jobless writer. No, he didn’t come on a mare, he was scribbled in my destiny.

It didn’t start like a normal conversation. No hii or hellos neither how are you or what are you doing. He was new to WordPress.

“I need some tips.” He texted. I wondered why would a genius need tips from me. Yes, he is called a genius at my home. The reason? He fared better than my elder sister in boards and also because he is one. My heart skipped a beat as the message flashed and even today on seeing him, I skip another. 

Soulmates only existed in fairy tales till a beat fluttered and whispered, “He is the one.” He turned my life into a fairy tale. Redefining love to me, he made me a better person and now I glimpse eternity with him. 

Three months and it feels I have known him forever. He is the one I want to grow up and grow old with. ‘I love you’ seems limiting our love, so we came up with, ‘I love Us.’ Living every moment, creating small stories and falling in love everyday, we discover ‘Us’ a little more. We are gifted with wonderful families who will support us through thick and thin. 

When I freak out thinking about our future, he smiles and tells that we will have another story to write. Maybe that’s the perk of being with a writer, they metamorphose every adversity to prosperity. Someday, maybe after an year or two, we will walk down the aisle, hand in hand with the brightest smiles on our parents face and that day we will live another dream of ours. 

I love you, Mr.Soulmate. 

Oceanic Athirst.

“Hon, in arrière pensée about love, just remember, mother’s love. Such altruistic and pristine love is what you deserve.”

 And then, I realise, that I have found someone who squelches my oceanic athirst for love.


Even the strongest and the most positive persons have come across the haters, the bullies and people who are extremely envious. Who are constantly degrading your confidence and trying to pull you down. They are there everywhere, schools, colleges and workplace. They crack jokes which only they find funny, they try and prove that you are inferior to them. They stomp on you and try to rise up. I am sure you must have encountered them at least once or twice.
They are called ‘bullies.‘ The people who push others down to pull themselves up.

How do you identify a bully?
1. This person cracks jokes on things that you have no control over. They crack nasty jokes almost about everything around you.
2. This person tries to control you mentally and if they can’t they try physically. Like they try to snatch your belongings.
3. Constantly criticizes, calls you names, tells you hurtful words, passes mean comments and hits you where it hurts the most without being sorry.
4. Your energy, positivity and happiness hits rock bottom around them.

Why does someone bully a person? The only answer I have is, lack of confidence. They aint happy with their lives and are constantly finding flaws with someone else’s life. They have a void, few insecurities and those voids can never be filled. They try to throw themselves upon you, proving that they are powerful because who does not like to be powerful especially when they can control a person.

Don’t make it about yourself. It isn’t about you, it’s about them. You are perfect the way you are. The way you look at the world is a direct reflection of how you look at yourself. You may be perfect at what you do, you are happy with your work but somehow they find mistakes or are not happy with your work. These people can never be happy because they don’t understand the concept that happiness lies within yourself.

Bullies 1

Let me narrate an incident to you. I was in my first year when I came across this confident, frank and pretty friendly person. Initially we had conversations and I considered him to be my friend totally unaware of the term ‘toxic friends’. Slowly he started correcting me when I made tiny negligible mistakes, I mistook that as care. But as ill-luck would have it, these corrections became taunting and then I became the butt of all his jokes. A foe with the mask of a friend. These kind of people shatter your confidence first and self-respect later. This may sound like I am venting out my anger but trust me guys, it took me 3 years to understand and now I have reached my saturation point, finally snapping all my ties with him. Better late than never. I would not want any of my reader friends to go through this and hence this post.

How do you deal with such negative and shallow people? After you identify them, try and avoid them at first, but hey! They are bullies, they won’t stop. They will try and come back to you to degrade your mental peace and when they do this, confront. Talk to them. Let them know that their words or actions are hurting you and you would not like it if this continued, still if they don’t listen, fight back. In all these, do not forget to share about your situation to your confidants. Do not give up.

I would like to conclude the post with few beautiful lines of an amazing soul.

Here we stand in the light of day, let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway.”