My scars were being healed and the burns were replaced by new skin. I again felt beautiful after the horrendous three years of an excruciating relationship with someone I thought I loved. I was with an animal who treated me like another animal. Maybe even animals have better life I pondered sometimes. Given to the hopeless romantic I am, I thought one day a miracle would happen and my undying love for him will make him a human. Miracles always don’t happen for mysterious reasons of their own. Giving all my love to him, I was left a damaged body, an irreconcilable callus kink about men yet a faint hope lingered  that one day, like in fairy tales, my prince charming will gallop by on a white mare, ask me for a ball and I would be the most beautiful princess.

 Laughing over the thought and again drowning myself into depression, I started appalling my own body. Everything that once I loved, disgusted me now and it straight away started from my face to my bosoms to my thoughts. I despised myself. I gaoled myself from every happiness till I realised that I ain’t worth of all the pain. I was repairing my body, beautifying myself and doing what I love. Write. Little did I know that this love would pioneer my soulmate. Little did I know that my price charming would be an elderly jobless writer. No, he didn’t come on a mare, he was scribbled in my destiny.

It didn’t start like a normal conversation. No hii or hellos neither how are you or what are you doing. He was new to WordPress.

“I need some tips.” He texted. I wondered why would a genius need tips from me. Yes, he is called a genius at my home. The reason? He fared better than my elder sister in boards and also because he is one. My heart skipped a beat as the message flashed and even today on seeing him, I skip another. 

Soulmates only existed in fairy tales till a beat fluttered and whispered, “He is the one.” He turned my life into a fairy tale. Redefining love to me, he made me a better person and now I glimpse eternity with him. 

Three months and it feels I have known him forever. He is the one I want to grow up and grow old with. ‘I love you’ seems limiting our love, so we came up with, ‘I love Us.’ Living every moment, creating small stories and falling in love everyday, we discover ‘Us’ a little more. We are gifted with wonderful families who will support us through thick and thin. 

When I freak out thinking about our future, he smiles and tells that we will have another story to write. Maybe that’s the perk of being with a writer, they metamorphose every adversity to prosperity. Someday, maybe after an year or two, we will walk down the aisle, hand in hand with the brightest smiles on our parents face and that day we will live another dream of ours. 

I love you, Mr.Soulmate. 


13 thoughts on “Mr.Soulmate. 

  1. masta …. pudcha veli me pan try karin … pan Bangalore madhe aslya mule bahutek kanada pustaka hathi lagtil asa watta , pan harkat nahi praytna nakki karel …..ani ho sadya tar Diwali cha saaf safai mohim mule scope khup ahe ….


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  3. If I have to put it in two words – “spellbound” and “speechless”.

    First about the content – the depth is extraordinary. As a reader, I could feel the pain, the angst, the yearning, the metamorphosis, the love and in the end the sheer joy and satisfaction. The way you convey all these is magical Antara. Simply magical! It takes immense strength for a person to accept what has happened and even more belief to go positively ahead. When we do so, well miracles do happen!
    I always yearn for this kind of love! I am a hopeless romantic too! That is why I can understand the suffering and hope in the beginning followed the fighting adversity and rising like a phoenix out of the ashes and the completeness of finding your soulmate! This is so so beautiful! One of your absolute best if not the best!
    Deep and mesmerizing stuff!
    Personally I hope I can find my soulmate and feel all these amazing feelings!
    Amazingly written Antara. I am awestruck 😀
    And my favourite phrase – “scribbled in destiny” ! Wow! Just wow!
    I am so privileged and proud to have you in my life! I am so lucky!
    Keep writing forever! Keep loving forever! I am just so touched and moved by the post.

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    1. You told so much without saying or hinting anything at all. You know where I get all the strength from. You will find your soulmate. She will love you the way you always wanted and you will then know why it didn’t work with anyone else.
      Loads of love!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Your strength lies within you. Maybe that is why our soulmate unlocks us in every way and makes us stronger, because soulmates are joined from within. Maybe that is why it makes one stronger!
        And yes I know my soulmate will love me that way. I know I will grow old with her. You know who strengthened my belief in all this.
        Loads and loads of love.

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