Placements ahead!!

Super tensed, super excited and super nervous. It feels like I am only left with those few feelings. I can now feel my heart beats and the butterflies fluttering, making me so much more restless. The placements haven’t been great in the previous few years. This time it doesn’t seem that the history will repeat because there is someone who has taken a huge responsibility of getting everyone placed. Someone who is calm outside but there is so much on the inside. 

The coming days is going to be amazing. One helluva ride it will be. Definitely a new learning experience. As I write this, my stomach churns even imagining about the future. Everyone around me are busy doing something or the other and here I am not even crawling a step ahead. I am trying every way to be as positive as possible. So, I thought of blogging my feelings. This place gives me maximum positivity. You people push me and motivate me. Finger’s crossed, hope, I get placed. Please give me your love, blessings and prayers!! That helps. Immensely. 

I would like to take a leave, leaving you guys with an amazing video and will try and write down my feelings during the coming days. Thank you. 😊


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