This Diwali!

 Hello all!! It has been long since I posted anything. So, let me tell you a small story today and Happy Diwali! 

Why do we celebrate Diwali?

When Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after fourteen years of banishment with his brother and wife, his arrival was celebrated by lighting diyas by the people of Ayodhya. It was a no moon night and yet the entire place was glowing because of the diyas.

Years later, bombs and crackers are burnt to celebrate Diwali. They not only pollute the environment but also harm many animals. The animals do not like the loud noise and also the atmosphere is filled with unwanted gases which even affect their health. I agree, that the crackers aren’t the only source of pollution but on this auspicious day, let’s not be a reason for pollution. The use of diyas and candles are almost non existent! The very first Diwali was celebrated only by lightning diyas.

This Diwali, many soldiers lost their lives for us to celebrate this festival and many ahead. Not all the heroes wear cape, not all the heroes have fancy costumes, they have uniforms of which they are proud of. This Diwali light candles for the Martyrs who are there on the borders, away from their homes, away from all the celebrations and the sweets and the crackers, so that we can celebrate with our families. A salute to them! 

Also, this Diwali, I decided to buy a few things for my family with whatever little I earn. I gifted my mom a rose plant and my sister a few candles that she asked for.

Let me conclude the post by wishing you all a very happy and safe Diwali!!

A Very Happy Diwali to all those who protect us and Happy Diwali to moms!! 🙂

 Adios till my next post, welcome to the clan!

Stay safe, stay happy!! 🙂





Power Of Positivity!!

Today morning, I woke up and saw a notification from Wordpress. It read that, I have reached 200 followers. It was an over whelming feeling and I was pretty excited and happy. Soon, I read another notification that another random blogger reached  2K followers. It felt a bit bad and I had several questions to ask myself. One of them being, where did I lack and what do I do?


Mahesh, a fellow blogger earlier and now a part of my blogging family, made me aware of the facts. I realized soon that, the 200 people aren’t just followers, they are another human, just like me. I just don’t have followers, I have people who know me very well because of blogging. Here, in WordPress, I completely have another family on whom I can easily rely during hard times. I have an awesomenger virtual family. I would definitely like to mention their names and URL’s. 

  • Pratishtha. 

  • Mahesh 

  • Kishan 

  • Arti 

  • Aanchal 

  • Anagha 

  • Shyam 

  • Darcie 

  • Pratz 

  • Viral 

  • Bhaumik 

  • Saketh 

Later, a beautiful comment by Dating Game made my day. I was so delighted seeing the comment. Thank you, Dating Game!! Glad to help!!


The day didn’t end with that! I received my autographed copy by the man himself, Durjoy Dutta!!

A day well concluded!!

Again, thank you for all the love and support!! Keep loving, keep growing and keep writing!!

Adios till my next post, stay safe and welcome to the clan.




“That eternal love and fire like chemistry.” I versified.

“That eternal chemistry and fire like love.” He ameliorated my verse. 

He prettifies my life kindredly.

Find Someone!

I hope, you find someone who can calm you down inspite of the fiery personality.

I hope, you can find someone who can rekindle your soul and make you crazier.

I hope, you can find someone with whom your soul can merge and conquer all that you desire.

I hope, you find someone  with whom you can be fully clothed yet be so naked.

I hope, you can find your soulmate and fly together. 


Amidst of pujo and family, he missed my verses.

“I can’t write, I don’t feel anything. I don’t have any moment to write about.” I pondered.

“Hon, what are you writing on?” his text exscinded my issue.

He just created another moment and I freezed it with my words.

Pujo and Us.

“Don’t! There are so many bongs around! Don’t come!” screamed my message.

The singer singing Dil Toh Pagal Hai in Durga Pujo, it was a sureshot sign. 

“I am here! Hii!” He popped up in his shorts.

All my anger melting away, we fell in love, again.

Dan, thank you for making a little story for Us. I love you.