Movember is here!!

So, November is here and so is No Shave November. Along with the question of the year, ‘How do women contribute to No Shave November?’ Before I answer this, let me post a photo from the website 

The concept is simple, supporting the cancer patients by embracing our hair. Denoting the money we spend on our grooming kits.

How women contribute?

WOMEN SHAVE TOO. Women seen angels with perfect body, hair and skin tone. We work to get that perfection. One of the ways, we use is, to shave. We shave our upper lips, arms, armpits, legs and eyebrows. Shaving is convenient than waxing, lasers and creams.

I shave. I shave my legs and arms. I shave because I have a sensitive skin and creams and waxing irritates my skin. I guess, there are many ladies who prefer shaving over other means of hair removal. 

Yet, I woke up to a very important question. How women contribute? 

These were few answers. Okay, now maybe I am over reacting but I find this a sexist comment. Women contribute to Movember by applying no make up? Serious? 

I guess, more than anything else, people need awareness about how a female’s body function. Tried explaining to them, I hope, I was successful. The logo shows the beard because it is not possible to show any other body hairs. An initiative by men but women now equally participate. 

A little more information on Movember? Watch this video!

So, all the pretty boys and girls, are you ready to ditch the razor and embrace the hair? 

Let me know your views below on the comment section!

Happy Movember!


6 thoughts on “Movember is here!!

  1. I’m in too, for No Shave November.
    Thank you Antara.. for throwing some light on it, I wasn’t aware about it.. now that I know, I am in! 🙂


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