Any Resolutions for the New Year?

So, a few hours more and another year will start! Everyone is busy making resolutions and maybe, you don't have any resolutions like me? It's okay! Let's make a few resolutions together?  To be a good human. To try and imbibe few qualities that we always wanted to have and anything that makes us a [...]


In love, with a writer!

You know, The best part of, being in love with a writer? Your monday mornings will be poetic and romantic, Verses and poetries will dance around to melt you, when angry, And the world will taste like elixir when in love with a writer!

Not a normal family.

I have reached this point of life where, I have realised that family is not only the people you are related to. Family is not the ones who stay under the same roof and share a few things in common.  Home is where the heart is, they tell. Therefore, family is those people with whom, [...]