He & She.

His kisses, slow yet so passionate and arousing,

Pulling me towards his chest, he grips me by my curves,

He leaves his marks all over my cheeks and neck.

My flushed cheeks, my closed eyes, turns him on even more,

He fulfills and satisfies my every desire and fantasy.


Lips softly trailing down your spine,

as my fingertips were tracing road maps of goosebumps on your skin.

Heart started dancing on a strong beat,

Like petals throb when dew falls.

Started with a flickering kiss,

Then intimately,

you lead me to ecstasy.

You fulfilled and satisfied each of my desire and fantasy.

– Mahesh

An amazing blogger and a good friend, this is a collab done by me and Mahesh.

You can follow him here : awesomenger.wordpress.com


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