A new blog by the United Bloggers!

Like I keep telling that, here in WordPress, I have not only earned my readers but also I have made my virtual family who mean so much to me. I can’t stop stressing about the importance of having a few people around you who will always have your back no matter what happens. 

So, these people and I have decided to launch a new blog of ours that will be featuring blogs of amateur and talented writers, singers, painters and bloggers! The New Year blast doesn’t end here! We will have nominations and winners for a certain genre of bloggers! No, no, this ain’t the end, the winner will be choosen by the maximum number of votes he or she gets! So, all the bloggers, pull up your socks and get ready for all the excitement we are going to bring to you! 

You can send us your entries on the various social media portals. Our email id, Twitter handle, Instagram page, WordPress id, Facebook and WhatsApp account are all mentioned below! Go ahead and nominate yourself for the most exciting awards of next year! 

All the best guys! Welcome to the clan! Keep writing and keep loving! 

WordPress : thebloggersunited.wordpress.com

Twitter & Instagram : bloggersunited1

Facebook : thebloggersunited

E-mail : bloggers.united0@gmail.com

WhatsApp : +91 8237280976 / +91 8500568795


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