Any Resolutions for the New Year?

So, a few hours more and another year will start! Everyone is busy making resolutions and maybe, you don’t have any resolutions like me? It’s okay! Let’s make a few resolutions together? 

  • To be a good human. To try and imbibe few qualities that we always wanted to have and anything that makes us a good human.
  • To get rid of feelings like jealousy and greed. Greed never ends and jealousy keeps growing and both feelings are very, very bad for our mental health!
  • I can’t stop stressing over one word, POSITIVITY. Spread positivity and be positive. 


We will put this in our mind and work towards it, will not we? Let me know, if you have any other resolutions, I will be more than glad to know! 

Stay safe and welcome to the clan!! 😊


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