It has been five long years since then!

We all have those cute, little stories in our childhood that actually are so close to our heart and we can never forget them. Some of them, change us as a person and few of them doesn’t matter to us anymore. Out of all the moments we spend, few moments don’t seem to die no matter how much we try and yes that rhymed! Few relationships that start during this time may last forever and few that don’t last, always need a closure at one point or the other in life.

The bunch of friends, many hands in one tiffin box and that one person in school for whom we actually go to school. At a tender age of 13-14, we don’t know how it is to be in love, all we know is the essence of love. I believe, love in that age is the purest. You don’t know why you love the person, you just do. You have no expectations from the person neither you take any vows of forever together nor there are any feelings of lust that in general the grown up relationships have. You just need those little moments with the person and your day is complete, you don’t need long hours spent over phone to spend bucks to make them happy. 

Tarana was 4 years old when she first met Rick, they were together in the kindergarten. As far as Tarana remembers, they used to eat and spent their tiffin break together, they were also benchmates. Years passed by, they again were classmates in their fifth grade, though not that close yet they used to speak random stuff. What stuff will even fifth graders speak? 

The next year, during their sixth grade, they became pretty close. They again were the benchmates, they used to chase each other during tiffin break and stole glances during class hours. For Tarana, this was more than enough, seeing Rick happy and playful was like a boon to her. They grew up a little more, and when they were in ninth or tenth grade, Tarana found out that someone wrote her name in the boy’s washroom. That was such a matter of shame! Tarana was still looking around for solution when her friend told her that Rick already erased her name from the bathroom. Tarana sighed in relief! Even when once Rick was suffering from viral fever, Tarana stopped doing all that she liked, went to the temple everyday and fasted every alternate day. When Rick came to school the next week her joy knew no bounds!

They became significantly close during the final few years of schooling. Rick asked her email id and Tarana created her first mail id for Rick though he mentioned it very clearly that no one should know that they are in contact. They used to mail each other day in and day out and they often spoke about how good their relationship is! Rick used to switch off his online status so that no one else could disturb them seeing him online, this made Tarana feel special. Someday Rick confessed something to Tarana that she made her feel important in his life. It was an addiction that Rick had, when he told this to her, she was shattered yet she gathered all the courage and mailed Rick that they will start anew, she had an unbreakable trust in him. That day, Rick named her “Sweet Tara.” 

The whole school knew about them because Rick’s behaviour and Tarana’s inclination towards him was something that was unhidden. Tarana thought that they were meant to be together but then came the time for board exams which was pretty much difficult for every student. Rick started moving away from Tarana telling that he needs to study and also prepare for his competitive exams. Tarana moved away as gracefully as she could because she always knew that he would come back. 

March 24th, 2011, when they completed their board exams, Tarana thought that Rick will be back and she called him. They spoke few hours about how was their exams and which college are they joining. While, it was time to cut the calls, Tarana told Rick how she feels for him. She kept asking Rick to stay but he told that his competitive exams are more important for him. With tears running down her cheeks, she asked him to stay for one last time and he still refused. Tarana was left devastated.

Five years of absolute no contacts, Tarana only knew where he was and what he was doing and so did Rick. Rick didn’t make it to his dream college and that hurt Tarana more than anything on this planet. Rick silently stalked her and always wished for her well being. After five years, Rick texted her and Tarana was filled with joy again though this time there was no love, she always looked for that one answer that only Rick could give her. Yesternight, she got her answer from Rick and all the clouds that were surrounding her thoughts, cleared, for once and forever! 

Rick told her that she fell in love with an illusion that he created and not the actual Rick. The actual Rick is brutal and cold and he had no feelings for her at all. She was just his convenience for so many years. It wasn’t his mistake, it was hers that even after such long years, she wanted him back not as a lover but as a friend around whom her childhood revolved. 

Tarana learnt the most important lesson of her life, give without expectations. Thank you Rick for this and remember, Karma is watching!


4 thoughts on “It has been five long years since then!

  1. Woah!!! The flow, control and presentation is just perfect! You have it in you!
    It breaks me to imagine how much Tarana felt! Can feel her tears too.
    But life is there to learn and fly further! You are already flying, higher than most people around you!
    A terrific writer you are! I always learn compassion from you!
    So lucky to know you Tigress!
    Keep writing! Keep loving!
    You are the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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