Dear Girl-in-the-Purple-Dress, say yes to yourself before him

Dear Girl-in-the-Purple-Dress   Happy birthday!   I know it was your birthday, like almost everyone else in the showroom did, because of the umpteen times you mentioned it to the guy accompanying you. I also know you turned 20 that day, like everyone else did, because of the umpteen minus one times you asked him [...]


A different review. Kong Skull Island. 

 I did not edit this, no, I didn't! Yes! This is how fierce the poster of Kong looks. I am not going to give a detailed movie review as this is the first Kong movie, I have watched. Yes! I do not know what was I doing all these years! Pity me!  I was blown [...]

Ramaiya Vastavaiya. Magic Movie Review – Revisiting the evergreen love stories! 

WARNING : This is going to be an elaborated movie review, please grab some popcorn.  The actual review starts after 3rd para, skip the first three paras if you don't want to suffer serious positivity disorder. Today afternoon I was watching this movie again and it suddenly struck to me that, do these kind of [...]

Few Things Left Unsaid – Sudeep Nagarkar. Book Review. 

Few Things Left Unsaid is the debut book of an amazing writer and novelist, Sudeep Nagarkar. This book was published in 2011 and was followed by five more books till 2015. The book is a romantic fiction and qualifies as a good read if you are looking for something subtle yet intriguing and emotional. Also, [...]