Few Things Left Unsaid – Sudeep Nagarkar. Book Review. 

Few Things Left Unsaid is the debut book of an amazing writer and novelist, Sudeep Nagarkar. This book was published in 2011 and was followed by five more books till 2015. The book is a romantic fiction and qualifies as a good read if you are looking for something subtle yet intriguing and emotional. Also, the book will remind most of the engineers of their good old engineering days. 

Our protagonist, Aditya, goes through a helluva ride before getting an admission into an elite engineering college, I am sure, we all have been through the, ‘college counselling phase.’ He is sure that he doesn’t want to become an engineer but gives in to his parents hope. Aditya is backed up with the most powerful weapon one needs to survive a four year long course, ‘friends.’ His friends who have been with him throughout and played a major part in this book. They bunked classes together, drank together and smoked together! You know that engineering jazz!

Aditya has a pretty boring life till a girl, Riya, enters and makes his pretty boring life a bit interesting. Life is not a bed of roses and Aditya realises that soon. Having a few KT(Keep terms) and his mom who is suspicious about Riya and him, he finally confesses to his mother about their relationship. Riya promises to make Aditya study and take care of him but is Riya able to keep up her promise or she fails to deliver it? 

To find out, read the book!

A few things may seem too cheesy like the couple calling each other cute names, crying at every emotional moment and being stupidly in love, but, trust me, these stuff keeps happening in real life too! The entire book is based on positivity and love, about how two people fall in love, fight, separate, get hitched with someone else but at the end, they get back to each other realising that love happens only once and the rest feelings are momentary attractions that fade away in a couple of days. 

A notable mention goes to Mr.Banerjee who tells this epic line and I definitely live by it, “Love cannot be wrong but the girl maybe.” How can loving someone be wrong in anyway? Maybe you love the wrong person, maybe someone else deserves that love and maybe you are yet to find a soulmate! Also, this book subtly highlights the existence of soulmates. 

I would rate this book a 3.5/5. The only reason I would not give a 5 is that, these stories are well known to people already and though I was awaiting for the end but the end was already known and expected! 

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7 thoughts on “Few Things Left Unsaid – Sudeep Nagarkar. Book Review. 

  1. So, the writer enters into a new genre huh? And yet, it does not look like your first book review!
    The author information and synopsis well presented and then the review, just perfect!
    I wish I could write my movie reviews this concise and precise!
    I will definitely read the book and yeah, irrespective of how the book is, your review makes it even more beautiful! You have a gift!
    Waiting for your next book review!
    Keep writing! Keep loving!

    Liked by 1 person

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