A different review. Kong Skull Island. 

 I did not edit this, no, I didn’t! Yes! This is how fierce the poster of Kong looks. I am not going to give a detailed movie review as this is the first Kong movie, I have watched. Yes! I do not know what was I doing all these years! Pity me! 

I was blown away by the trailers and I had to watch the movie! I did not know whether I would like the movie but now, I promise, I will try and watch all the Kong movies. A friend of mine told me that this is the only movie in which Kong doesn’t die, I wonder, how will I confirm my tears when I see him dying! 

I would also like to mention that, I appreciate the actors, Sameul L. Jackson and John C. Reilly who made the situation look very realistic. I could feel that I am there and on a mission with the team. 

This movie has a few very good dialogues which actually make us think about the sole reason of our existence. Humans try to rule everywhere and almost this has gotten over our head that we deserve everything on this planet. Let me tell you, we don’t deserve everything, we force ourselves on mother nature. Humans completely forget that there are other beings and we should live by striking a balance! 

Kong doesn’t try to hurt the humans, Kong just protects it’s kingdom because he is the king and the only hope of other humans and beings in the Skull Island. If we would hinder some other mortals area, even we would have a fight or if the people who don’t want to include in a brawl would sit and resolve the issue. Kong cannot do this, he cannot sit and resolve, he cannot speak, all he can do is to destroy the people who destroyed it’s kingdom.  Fair, isn’t it? 

A story takes an interesting turn when the humans learn about Kong, who is the only king of the island and has no successor left. Kong protects them from the, ‘Skull Crawlers,’ who harms the island. Kong is huge, scary and yet has a heart and can think. We can tell that Kong can think because he uses an old, rusted chain with a weight attached to it, of a wrecked ship to protect the girl (Brie Larson), who claims herself to be an anti war photographer,  from a Skull Crawler. 

After all that the humans learn, they try to attack Kong because the humans think that they are the only kings of the earth. They finally get out of the island and Kong doesn’t die in this movie! Yayy! 

This movie drives home the point that the earth isn’t just ours and we humans should not take all these for granted. The animals do not hurt anyone intentionally though there are some rare cases, they only attack when they are scared or they are protecting something. Wouldn’t we humans react in the same way? If nothing at all, we are blessed with a vocal cord and we can always be vocal with our issues but what about animals? 

Image Courtesy : Google Images.

The above content is subject to copyright and are purely my thoughts, they mean no offence to anyone.


One thought on “A different review. Kong Skull Island. 

  1. The animal rights activist right out there huh?
    Great to know this is your first Kong film and I am pretty sure you enjoyed it thoroughly!
    I love the way you mentioned it as a different review and gave it a different spin on the basis of trying to feel we humans are on top of the food chain!
    Keep writing! Keep loving!


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